Deckscape - Escape from Alcatraz: The Great Escape

Plot and Setting

In Deckscape: Escape from Alcatraz, players find themselves trapped in the infamous Alcatraz prison in 1950, with no memory of how they got there.

The game immerses you in the tension of a prison escape, where every decision counts. To survive and solve the mystery, you’ll need to think strategically and work as a team.

💡Game Tip 1:Prioritize Teamwork for a faster escape.


Gameplay and Mechanics

Deckscape: Escape from Alcatraz belongs to the escape room game genre. It challenges players to solve a series of puzzles and riddles using the items provided in the game.

With a one to six-player capacity and a 60-minute playtime, it’s an engaging and immersive experience for groups of friends or family.

💡Game Tip 2: Think Creatively to crack challenging puzzles.


Moral Dilemmas

The game introduces a unique element of morality, allowing players to choose whether or not to free other prisoners in exchange for help.

These decisions add depth to the narrative and make players consider the consequences of their actions.

💡Game Tip 3: Embrace Moral Dilemmas for a deeper experience.


Real Escape Room Inspiration

A part of a series inspired by real escape rooms. This connection ensures that players can enjoy the thrill and challenge of escape rooms from the comfort of their own homes.

💡Game Tip 4: Detail Matters in your quest to escape.


deckscape - Escape from Alcatraz

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Where to Get Deckscape: Escape from Alcatraz

You can get Deckscape: Escape from Alcatraz online here. It’s a budget-friendly and captivating addition to your board game collection. Don’t miss out on the adventure!

💡Game Tip 5: Expand Your Collection with thrilling options.


🌟Customers Review

The game provides an exciting escape room experience at home. The moral dilemmas add depth to the gameplay, making it more than just a puzzle-solving exercise. A must-try for escape room enthusiasts.”

“The game’s attention to detail and immersive storytelling make it a standout in the escape room genre. It’s a challenging and entertaining experience that keeps players engaged from start to finish.”

“Offers a great balance of difficulty and enjoyment. The puzzles are cleverly designed, and the moral choices make the game more engaging. It’s perfect for game nights with friends.”

For a more in-depth review, check out this video review.


Get ready for an exhilarating escape adventure with Deckscape: Escape from Alcatraz! Unravel mysteries, make life-altering decisions, and break free from the infamous Alcatraz prison.

With a rich storyline, clever puzzles, and moral dilemmas, Deckscape offers hours of engaging gameplay. Get your copy now and embark on an unforgettable journey!

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13th November 2023