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Welcome to the world of Incubation, a game that’s all about hatching dragons and strategy. If you’re on the lookout for a new, exciting addition to your board game collection, prepare to be enchanted. Incubation offers a delightful blend of strategic thinking and chance, making every game an unpredictable adventure.

Every decision shapes your victory path, making each turn a critical step in outsmarting opponents to become the top dragon incubator.


Setting Up the Game: A Cosy Nest for Your Dragons

he initial setup of Incubation is a critical phase, setting the stage for the intricate dance of strategy and chance that follows. Properly placing your incubators, eggs, and coins within reach of all players is not merely a preparatory step; it’s the laying down of your game’s groundwork.

This early stage of the game is akin to laying the foundation of a building – every piece must be placed with intention and foresight. Pay attention to how your opponents arrange their pieces as well.

Their setups can often give away subtle clues about their strategies, which you can use to your advantage.

💡Tip: Position your incubators close to the eggs you aim to hatch, as this will streamline your gameplay and give you a strategic edge right from the start.


Choosing Your Eggs: Variety is the Spice of Life

In Incubation, the selection of eggs is a decision layered with strategy and foresight. Opting for a range of eggs to hatch, from the common to the rare, ensures that you’re not overly reliant on a single type of dragon.

This variety not only enhances the fun and unpredictability of the game but also keeps your opponents on their toes, as they can’t easily predict your next move. Just like a chef uses a variety of ingredients to create a culinary masterpiece, a smart player uses a diverse selection of eggs to hatch a winning strategy.

Tip: Mix between easy-to-hatch and rare eggs to balance your strategy and keep a healthy mix of options open.


Utilising Incubators: A Game of Patience and Timing

The use of incubators in Incubation is a subtle art, requiring patience and an eye for opportunity. Rushing to fill incubators may seem wise, but often waiting for the right egg is better.

This teaches players observation, strategy, and long-term planning. It’s a valuable lesson in patience and timing, reminiscent of waiting for the perfect moment to strike in a chess match.

💡Tip: Don’t rush to fill all your incubators; sometimes waiting for the right egg can give you a significant advantage later in the game.


The Art of Trading: Swap, Don’t Shop

Trading in Incubation is an exercise in strategic bartering, akin to navigating a bustling marketplace. Knowing the value of what you have and what you need is crucial. Strategic trading can change the game’s course, helping you get resources for hatching dragons.

Trading in Incubation is more than the trade itself; it’s about timing and method. It mirrors real negotiation skills, turning understanding and strategy into mutual gains.

💡Tip: Trade what you have in excess for what you need, making each transaction a step towards your ultimate goal of hatching dragons.


The Strategy of Hatching: Timing is Everything

The act of hatching in Incubation is a pivotal moment, laden with strategic implications. Timing your hatches to align with your broader game plan, rather than simply hatching eggs as soon as you can, adds a layer of strategic depth to the game.

This approach encourages players to think several steps ahead, to anticipate future moves and adapt their strategy accordingly. It’s a lesson in strategic patience and foresight, mirroring real-life scenarios where timing can make all the difference.

💡Tip: Hatch your eggs when it aligns with your game plan, not just because you can, to maximize the impact of each hatch.


Using Coins Wisely: The Currency of Success

In Incubation, coins are a vital resource that must be managed with care. They represent your ability to influence the game, purchase crucial items, and react to unexpected situations. This aspect of the game mirrors real-world financial management, where prudent saving and spending can make or break success

It instills resource management and strategic planning skills. Saving coins for key moments lets players make impactful moves at the right time

💡Tip: Save your coins for crucial moments instead of spending them impulsively, as this can provide you with a strategic advantage when you most need it.


The Power of Special Abilities: Your Secret Weapon

Each dragon in Incubation comes with its unique ability, adding an exciting layer of strategy to the game. These abilities can be game-changers, providing unexpected advantages and opportunities.

Using them at the right moment can significantly impact the game, turning a losing position into a winning one. It’s like having a secret weapon or a trump card up your sleeve – something that can surprise your opponents and shift the dynamics of the game in your favor.

💡Tip: Use these abilities at pivotal moments to turn the tide of the game, making each use a calculated decision that enhances your overall strategy.


The Endgame: Hatch with a Strategy

As Incubation nears its end, mastering endgame strategy is vital. Concentrate on hatching rare dragons, which yield high points and can secure victory.

The endgame is like the final act of a drama, where all previous actions culminate in a decisive climax. It’s a test of how well you’ve planned and adapted throughout the game, and a well-executed endgame strategy can be incredibly rewarding.

💡Tip: Focus on hatching rare dragons towards the end for maximum points, as this can be the key to securing your victory in the final moments of the game.


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🌟Customer Reviews

“Incredible! Incubation brought new life to our game nights!” – Emily R.

“Absolutely engaging and fun, a must-have for board game enthusiasts!” – Jack H.

“A delightful mix of strategy and luck, Incubation keeps you on your toes!” – Sarah L.


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In summary, Incubation blends strategy and excitement, an ideal choice for any board game collection. The game demands thoughtful planning and a touch of luck.

By following these tips and strategies, players can enhance their gameplay experience and enjoy the thrilling world of dragon hatching.


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1st December 2023