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Welcome to our latest sugary concoction that’s guaranteed to add a dash of sweetness to your game nights. Mint Cooperative, a tiny titan in the board game world, packs a punch with its cooperative gameplay, offering both strategic depth and a delightful theme. Let’s unwrap this minty fresh adventure and discover how to make your next game night a delectable treat.


Understanding the Basics: A Minty Fresh Start

Before diving into the sugary world of Mint Cooperative, it’s pivotal to grasp the basic gameplay. Players work together as superheroes, aiming to protect Mintopia City and its surrounding towns from the nefarious plans of the Dominion of Halitosis. The key here is cooperation; every move should be deliberated and discussed to ensure the freshness of the entire region remains untainted.

💡Game Tip: Always start by assessing the trouble areas on the board and plan your moves to mitigate the most immediate threats. This ensures a strong foundation for your team’s strategy.


The Power of Minty Fresh Heroes: Choosing Your Character

Each superhero in Mint Cooperative comes with a unique power that can turn the tide of the game. From minty blasts to sugary shields, knowing when and how to use these abilities is crucial.

💡Game Tip: Coordinate character selection among players to ensure a balanced set of abilities. A well-rounded team is often the key to victory in the face of adversity.


Sweet Strategies: Planning Your Moves

Strategic planning takes the centre stage in Mint Cooperative. The game demands players to think ahead, anticipate problems, and work together to solve them. This includes deciding whether to tackle the minions of halitosis directly, aid afflicted cities, or prepare for future threats.

💡Game Tip: Keep an eye on the Freshness Tracker and the city statuses. Prioritize actions that prevent the most significant potential drop in freshness to maintain a healthy lead against the Dominion of Halitosis.


The Sugar Rush: Using Mint Powers Effectively

Mint powers offer a strategic advantage that can be pivotal in critical moments. However, their effectiveness hinges on timely and judicious use.

💡Game Tip: Save your mint powers for moments of dire need. A well-timed mint power can significantly alter the game’s course, swinging the momentum back in your favor.


Combatting the Dominion of Halitosis: A Sticky Situation

The Dominion of Halitosis will not make your quest easy. Their minions and the dreaded events can wreak havoc on your best-laid plans. Adaptability and resilience are your best tools against them.

Game Tip: Always have a contingency plan. If an event card disrupts your strategy, quickly reassess and realign your team’s approach to minimize the damage.


The Cooperative Spirit: Communication is Key

Communication among players is the essence of Mint Cooperative. Sharing plans, potential threats, and discussing strategies enhances the team’s ability to make informed decisions.

Game Tip: Encourage open dialogue and regularly check in with your teammates about their thoughts and concerns. This ensures that all players are engaged and contributing to the game’s strategy.


Winning Sweetly: Celebrating Your Victory

In Mint Cooperative, every game won is a testament to teamwork, strategic planning, and the ability to adapt. Celebrating these victories adds to the game night’s fun and camaraderie.

💡Game Tip: Take a moment post-game to discuss the key moves and strategies that led to your victory. This not only celebrates your win but also serves as a learning moment for future games.


The Aftertaste: Learning from Loss

Losses are inevitable, but they are also rich with lessons. Reflecting on what went awry can be as enriching as savoring a victory.

💡Game Tip: After a loss, conduct a gentle post-mortem. Discuss what could have been done differently, not as criticism but as a way to grow and improve as a team for the next game.

Mint Cooperative: Sweeten Your Game Night!

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🌟Customer Reviews:

Jasmine: “Absolutely smashing game! It’s like a sweet explosion of fun that brings everyone together. Definitely a game night gem.”

Oliver: “The strategic depth surprised me! It’s not just a game; it’s a minty-fresh challenge that tests your teamwork. Love it!”

Amelia: “A delightful mix of strategy and theme. It’s compact, easy to learn, and a blast to play. Mint Cooperative is a must-have for any game night.”



Dive into the sweet world of Mint Cooperative with this video review, and discover how this game can be the centerpiece of your next game night!


Mint Cooperative stands as a testament to the joy of board gaming, blending strategic depth with an accessible and engaging theme. It’s a game that brings people together, challenges them to think collectively, and, most importantly, provides heaps of fun. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the board game arena, Mint Cooperative is sure to add a refreshing twist to your game night repertoire. So, gather your team, strategize your moves, and let the sweet victory (or the valuable lessons of defeat) bring you closer together.

5th April 2024