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The Final Fantasy Type-0 starter set is an exciting new board game that lets you immerse yourself in the fantastical world of Type-0. With strategic gameplay and stunning artwork, this game is a must-have for any Final Fantasy fan.


Overview of the Game

The Type-0 starter set contains everything 2-5 players need to start their adventure in Orience. The set includes a game board, 5 hero figurines, monster tokens, dice, rulebooks, and 78 ability cards. Players take on the role of Class Zero cadets from the Suzaku Peristylium as they complete missions and battle beasts.

The game blends elements of tactical combat and RPG character progression. Each turn, you can move your hero across the board, use ability cards to perform attacks and spells, and defeat monsters. As you progress, your cadets will gain new abilities and magicite which allow them to take on greater challenges. The player that earns the most points from completed quests and defeated monsters wins!


Setting Up the Game

The first step is to place the game board in the middle of the table. Next, each player chooses a cadet figurine and places it on the starting space. Shuffle the ability deck and monster tokens, placing them nearby. Give each player starting resources and cards listed in the rulebook. Finally, decide which player will go first!


Gameplay Mechanics and Rules

On your turn, you can spend your ACTION POINTS to move, use ability cards, earn magicite, acquire items, or rest to regain health. Each card has a cost, damage, range, and effect described on it. You must play cards that match your cadet’s class, and pay attention to positioning and ranges.

If you move into a space with a monster token, you must battle it! Defeating monsters earns points, items, and more. Be strategic as you balance quest progression, combat, and managing your hand of cards.

💡Pro Tip: Focus on synergizing your ability cards and capitalizing on your cadet’s strengths!


Classes and Cadets

There are 8 cadets in Class Zero, each with their own fighting style. For example, King uses short-ranged but hard-hitting card attacks. Seven specializes in evasion and counters. Choosing a cadet determines your starting stats and special ability. Experiment to find your favorite!


Exciting Boss Battles

As you advance, you’ll encounter epic boss battles against beasts and villains. These require teamwork and strategy to defeat! Each boss has unique abilities that will challenge you. Battles play out until the boss or all players are eliminated, so use your cards wisely.


Customizable Experience

Although the starter set is enough for your first games, there are many expansions available. New map tiles, quests, item cards, and hero figurines let you enjoy the game for years. You can even craft custom scenarios and rules!


Engaging Experience for Fans

With its detailed world, compelling characters, and strategic combat, Type-0 creates an immersive Final Fantasy experience. Fans will love seeing their favorite heroes, monsters, spells, and locations in a new format. Share the game with friends to fully appreciate the lore!


Final Fantasy type -0

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🌟Customer Reviews

“This Final Fantasy board game is amazing! I’ve already played it 5 times with my friends, and we have a blast every time. The strategy and teamwork required make for super engaging gameplay.” – Tom, Game Enthusiast

“As a huge fan of Final Fantasy Type-0, I’m so happy this game exists. It’s like you get to step into the shoes of Class Zero and explore Orience yourself. The amount of content in the box is well worth the price.” – Alexia, FF Superfan

“I bought the Type-0 starter set to play with my kids and they absolutely love it! It’s complex enough to be interesting for experienced gamers but also accessible for newer players. We can’t wait to try more expansions.” – Robin, Parent


This unboxing video dives into the Final Fantasy Type-0 starter set, examining the gameplay, components, expansions, and more in detail.


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16th November 2023