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Get ready to wreak havoc as a giant monster in Smash City, the thrilling board game of Kaiju combat! With its action-packed gameplay and destructive fun, Smash City allows you to unleash your inner monster and go on a rampage through a bustling cityscape. Aim your monster dice with precision, demolishing buildings, attacking foes, and causing maximum carnage!

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Unleash Kaiju Chaos with Smash City: The Ultimate Monster Battle Board Game!

In Smash City, each of the four Kaiju has unique powers and specializes in a particular energy type, adding strategic depth to the game. Fire, electricity, poisonous gas, and radiation will be at your disposal as you unleash devastating attacks and watch the city crumble beneath your monstrous might. You can even hurl cars at your opponents, adding an extra level of chaos to the battle!

The game requires skillful aim and a deft hand as you roll your monster dice into the city, aiming to knock down buildings and strike anything within range. As you destroy the city, you’ll gain SMASH! cards that provide additional abilities and powers. Strategically use these cards and your monster’s unique abilities to outwit your opponents and emerge as the victor of Smash City!

With a quick-playing time of just 30 minutes and a recommended age of 14 and above, Smash City is perfect for game nights, parties, or casual gatherings. It offers an immersive experience where you can let loose, embrace your inner monster, and indulge in epic battles. The game’s stunning artwork by Matt Frank and Edgar Vega brings the Kaiju world to life, making every moment visually captivating.

🔑 Key Benefits:
1. Unleash your inner monster: Experience the thrill of being a giant Kaiju wreaking havoc in a cityscape.
2. Destructive gameplay: Crush buildings, attack foes, and spread chaos with devastating attacks.
3. Strategic depth: Each Kaiju has unique powers and energy preferences, allowing for varied gameplay strategies.
4. Maximum carnage: Hurl cars, unleash fire, electricity, poisonous gas, and radiation on your enemies.
5. Quick and engaging: Enjoy action-packed gameplay in just 30 minutes, perfect for game nights and gatherings.

Get ready to dominate the cityscape, unleash destruction, and prove your monstrous superiority in Smash City, the ultimate Kaiju combat board game! It’s time to show the world who the true ruler of the monsters is!


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