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Get ready to wreak havoc as a giant monster in Smash City, the thrilling board game of Kaiju combat! With its action-packed gameplay and destructive fun, Smash City allows you to unleash your inner monster and go on a rampage through a bustling cityscape. Aim your monster dice with precision, demolishing buildings, attacking foes, and causing maximum carnage!

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Dive into the World of Kaiju with Smash City

Get ready for a thrilling adventure in ‘Smash City’, a board game that transforms you into a mighty Kaiju. In this game, you’ll embrace the role of one of four unique monsters, each possessing special powers and an affinity for a different type of energy. The game combines strategic depth and unbridled destruction, offering a unique tabletop experience.

Unique Kaiju Powers: Strategy Meets Mayhem

Each Kaiju in ‘Smash City’ has its own set of unique abilities, aligned with elemental forces like fire, electricity, poisonous gas, and radiation. This diversity allows you to choose a monster that suits your playstyle, whether you prefer to incinerate, electrify, poison, or irradiate your opponents. Moreover, the option to hurl cars adds a chaotic twist to the gameplay, enhancing the thrill of battle.

Skillful Gameplay: Aim, Roll, and Conquer

The core mechanic of ‘Smash City’ involves rolling your monster dice into the cityscape, targeting buildings and opponents within range. This requires not just luck but also skill and precision. Successfully knocking down structures and hitting targets earns you SMASH! cards. These cards are crucial, providing extra abilities that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Strategic Depth: Master Your Monster

Strategically using your Kaiju’s powers and the abilities granted by SMASH! cards is key to victory. Each decision you make, from the direction of your roll to the use of your cards, impacts the flow of the game. The varied abilities of each Kaiju ensure that no two games are the same, offering a fresh experience every time.

Game Features: Quick, Engaging, and Visually Stunning

‘Smash City’ is designed for rapid gameplay, perfect for keeping the energy high during game nights or parties. Suitable for ages 14 and up, it’s a fantastic game for both experienced gamers and newcomers to the hobby. The artwork by Matt Frank and Edgar Vega is a visual treat, bringing the world of Kaiju to life with vibrant illustrations and detailed designs.

πŸ”‘Key Benefits

  1. Embrace Your Inner Monster: Revel in the role of a giant Kaiju, unleashing havoc on a cityscape.
  2. Destructive and Dynamic Gameplay: Enjoy crushing buildings and battling foes in a chaotic environment.
  3. Strategic Choices: Harness your Kaiju’s unique powers and energy types for tactical advantages.
  4. Creative Chaos: Utilize environmental elements like cars for added destruction.
  5. Fast-Paced and Fun: Engage in quick, 30-minute games that are perfect for any gathering.

Conclusion: Unleash Your Monstrous Might in Smash City

Prepare to assert your dominance in the ultimate battle of monsters in ‘Smash City’. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a night of fast-paced fun or immerse yourself in strategic monster battles, this game has something for everyone. Gather your friends, choose your Kaiju, and get ready to wreak havoc in the thrilling world of ‘Smash City’. Who will emerge as the ultimate ruler of the monsters? The city awaits your rampage!


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