Werewolves of Miller

Welcome to an enthralling exploration of Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow 2020: Secrets to Winning. This beloved social deduction game ensnares players in a battle of wits, deceit, and survival. Understanding the game’s nuances can significantly elevate your gameplay, turning you from a novice to a master manipulator and strategist.


Understanding the Basics

Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow is a game that thrives on the elements of surprise and suspicion. At the start, each player is secretly assigned a role as either a Villager or a Werewolf, along with special characters like the Seer and Witch.

The game oscillates between night, where the Werewolves covertly eliminate a Villager, and day, where the entire village debates and hangs a suspect they believe to be a Werewolf. Understanding each role’s function and the game’s flow is crucial to formulating a winning strategy.

💡 Game Tip: Familiarize yourself with all the roles and their abilities, as knowing exactly what each character can do will significantly impact your strategic decisions.


Strategies for Werewolves

As a Werewolf, your primary arsenal includes deception and subterfuge. Mastering the art of bluffing is essential. Concoct believable stories and alibis to blend in with the Villagers.

Collaboration is key—synchronize your accusations and defences with your fellow Werewolves to confuse the Villagers and avoid detection. However, subtlety is paramount; too strong a defence of a fellow Werewolf can raise suspicions.

💡 Game Tip: As a Werewolf, vary your gameplay style from one game to the next to avoid becoming predictable to returning players.


Strategies for Villagers

If you find yourself as a Villager, vigilance and observation are your best tools. Pay close attention to who is quick to cast blame or who consistently defends certain players.

Encouraging open discussions can help reveal discrepancies in players’ stories, aiding in identifying the lurking Werewolves. Remember, consensus is your strength; work together to piece together the puzzle of Werewolf identities.

💡 Game Tip: As a Villager, consider nominating a leader for discussions to help organize the group’s thoughts and suspicions more effectively.


The Role of the Seer

The Seer is a pivotal character, wielding the power to see the true nature of one player each night. Use your visions wisely to confirm the identity of key players without revealing your role.

Protecting your identity is crucial, as revealing yourself makes you a prime target for the Werewolves. Communicate your knowledge covertly, using subtle hints to influence the village’s decisions.

💡 Game Tip: Use indirect language or lead questions in discussions to steer suspicion away from or towards certain players without exposing your role.


The Role of the Witch

The Witch possesses a potent potion of life and a deadly poison. Deciding when to use these can dramatically alter the game’s outcome.

Save your healing potion for critical moments, perhaps to save yourself or a proven Villager. The poison is a double-edged sword; though it can eliminate a suspected Werewolf, misusing it can cripple the Villagers’ chances.

💡 Game Tip: Keep track of who has been targeted in past nights to better decide when to use your potions, especially if you suspect the next target might be a key player.


Advanced Tactics

In the late game, where numbers dwindle, your strategy must evolve. For Werewolves, this might mean taking riskier moves to eliminate strategic threats.

Villagers will need to rely on established trust and earlier game deductions. This stage is about maintaining your façade or piercing through someone else’s.

💡 Game Tip: Focus on eliminating players with strong deductive reasoning skills or influential voices in the community as these players can sway group decisions dramatically.


Werewolves Of Miller Hollow 2020 Edition

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John S.: “An exhilarating game full of strategy and suspense. Each session is unique, making it a favorite for game nights!”

Emma P.: “Our go-to game for a thrilling mystery night. The varied roles add depth and intrigue, keeping everyone engaged!”

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Psychological Aspects of Gameplay

A key to excelling in Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow is reading body language and managing psychological warfare.

Being adept at interpreting subtle cues like hesitation, eye contact, and vocal inflection can provide clues to a player’s deceit. Conversely, controlling your tells and managing group dynamics through persuasion and leadership can sway the crowd in your favour.

💡 Game Tip: Practice keeping a neutral expression and tone, especially when you are under scrutiny, to control the flow of information and suspicion.


Practising Your Skills

Like any game of strategy, practice is vital. Regular gameplay not only sharpens your abilities in deduction and deception but also helps you understand the various dynamics each role can bring to the game. Reflect on each game session to identify your strategic strengths and weaknesses.

💡 Game Tip: Engage in post-game discussions to learn from your mistakes and understand others’ strategies, which can be crucial for improving your gameplay in future sessions.



Mastering Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow 2020 requires a blend of tactical prowess, psychological insight, and an ability to adapt. Whether you are whispering as a Werewolf or deducing as a Villager, each game is a fresh foray into the dark, thrilling woods of Miller’s Hollow.

Embrace these strategies, engage with the community, and enjoy the deceptive depths of this captivating game.

Stay flexible in your tactics and remain observant of the ever-changing dynamics of the game; adaptability is key to mastering Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow.

19th April 2024