A Roaring Start to the Expansion

💡Game Tip: Embrace the new characters’ unique abilities from the get-go.

Get ready to embark on an even more thrilling journey with the ‘Happy Little Dinosaurs 5-6 Player Expansion’. This addition brings fresh excitement to your favourite game, now accommodating up to six players. Prepare to meet new characters, each with their unique flair!


Unveiling the New Dinosaurs: Meet Your New Friends

💡Game Tip: Get familiar with each dinosaur’s special skills to maximise your gameplay.

With the expansion comes a range of new dinosaur characters, each boasting unique abilities. These quirky additions not only add charm but also strategic depth to the game. Understanding their skills can give you a distinct advantage during play.


Navigating the Expanded Board: More Space, More Fun

💡Game Tip: Use the expanded board to plan new strategies, taking advantage of the extra space.

The expansion brings a larger board into play, offering more space for your dino adventures. This means more room for manoeuvre and more opportunities for strategic play. Adapting to the expanded board is key to mastering this new version of the game.


New Cards, New Challenges: Spicing Up the Game

💡Game Tip: Incorporate the new cards into your strategies for unexpected twists.

The inclusion of new cards introduces a variety of fresh challenges and opportunities. These cards can turn the tide of the game, adding an extra layer of excitement. Incorporating them effectively into your strategy can be a game-changer.


Playing with More Players: Dynamics and Alliance

💡Game Tip: Collaborate strategically with more players to navigate challenges together.

With the capacity for up to six players, the game dynamics shift significantly. Forming alliances and navigating group dynamics become integral parts of the game. Collaborative strategies can make or break your path to victory.


Advanced Strategies for Experienced Players

💡Game Tip: Use your experience to anticipate and counter moves by newer players.

For those who have mastered the original game, the expansion offers a chance to flex your strategic muscles. Use your experience to anticipate and outsmart opponents, especially those new to the game.


Keeping the Fun Alive: Balancing Competition and Enjoyment

💡Game Tip: While strategising is key, remember to keep the game enjoyable for all.

The essence of ‘Happy Little Dinosaurs’ lies in its fun and engaging gameplay. Even as you strategise and compete, maintaining a balance between competition and enjoyment is crucial. After all, games are about having a good time!


Conclusion: More Players, More Laughs, More Fun

💡Game Tip: Embrace the expansion’s new elements for a refreshed gaming experience.

The ‘Happy Little Dinosaurs 5-6 Player Expansion’ is a delightful addition that brings more laughs and more fun to your gaming sessions. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the world of Happy Little Dinosaurs, this expansion is sure to enhance your gaming experience.


Happy Little Dinosaurs Expansion

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🌟Customer Reviews

“A Fantastic Addition!” – Emily J. “The new dinosaurs and cards bring so much more fun to the game. Absolutely love it!”

“Great for Larger Groups!” – Raj S. “Playing with six people was a blast. The expansion adds a great dynamic to the game.”

“Refreshingly Challenging!” – Liam W. “As someone who loved the original, this expansion adds a whole new level of strategy.”


23rd November 2023