Happy Little Dinosaurs 5-6 Player Expansion


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Bring more laughter to game nights with Happy Little Dinosaurs: 5–6 Player Expansion Pack. Add friends, avoid disasters, and embrace the dino-madness!

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Laugh and Roar with Friends in Happy Little Dinosaurs: 5–6 Player Expansion Pack!

Expand Your Play Circle

Step into the prehistoric paradise of Happy Little Dinosaurs with its 5–6 Player Expansion Pack! Now, you can include up to six players, adding more laughter and chaos to your game nights. This expansion brings in new friends to the vibrant world of Happy Little Dinosaurs, increasing the fun and excitement.

Join the Dino Adventure

The expansion includes two new dinosaur player boards, complete with their own meeples, alongside fifty delightful cards. You now have the choice to play as either a cunning Carnotaurus or a cheerful Triceratops, among others. It’s your call!

Engage in Playful Tactics

Enjoy strategic decision-making, set collection, and hand management, all wrapped in a delightful dinosaur theme. This game, perfect for ages 8 and up, keeps everyone engaged with its quick 30 to 60-minute playing time. Dive into the Mesozoic era and experience merriment that doesn’t drag on for too long!

🌟Why This Expansion is a Must

  1. Expand Your Dino-Crew: With space for more players, game nights become even more memorable.
  2. Endless Laughter: Navigate through life’s little disasters with humor and fun. The game promises loads of laughter.
  3. Easy Yet Engaging: Suitable for kids and adults alike, this game is easy to learn but offers hours of entertainment.
  4. Dino-tastic Theme: The whimsical dinosaur theme adds charm and excitement to your gaming experience.
  5. Quick, Dynamic Play: Perfect for those who prefer shorter games, this expansion ensures a fun time without the long commitment.

Happy Little Dinosaurs: 5–6 Player Expansion Pack is ideal for family game nights or gatherings with friends. It fosters camaraderie and playful competition, ensuring that everyone from kids to adults can join in the fun. So, are you ready to laugh and roar with your dino pals?


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