Alone Against the Tide: Solitaire Adventure by the Lakeshore

Alone Against the Tide: Solitaire Adventure by the Lakeshore


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Get ready for a spine-chilling journey through the 1920s with “Alone Against the Tide.” This gripping solo horror adventure, set in the Call of Cthulhu universe, puts you in the shoes of an investigator exploring the mysterious town of Esbury, Massachusetts. Your choices will shape not only your own fate but also the destiny of the town and its residents. Will you unravel the secrets hidden within the strange green fog? Can you survive the menacing dark-suited figures and the eerie encounters that await you? Armed with a pencil, roleplaying dice, and the Call of Cthulhu rulebook, brace yourself for a mist-shrouded quest like no other. Are you up for the challenge?

Only 1 left in stock

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Embark on a Thrilling Adventure with “Alone Against the Tide

“Alone Against the Tide” is a gripping solo horror adventure set in the 1920s for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. Written by Chaosium Inc and Nicholas Johnson, the book offers a thrilling and immersive experience for players who prefer to embark on solo adventures. The story takes place in the picturesque lakeside town of Esbury, Massachusetts, where you assume the role of an investigator. As you progress through the narrative, you make choices that not only impact the fate of your character but also shape the destiny of Esbury and its inhabitants.

The book presents various options and branching pathways, allowing players to customize their experience and create their own investigator or use the pre-made character, Dr. E. The choices you make affect the outcome of the story, providing a sense of agency and immersion. The adventure combines elements of mystery, horror, and suspense, drawing inspiration from the atmospheric and chilling world of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.

With its engaging storyline, detailed descriptions, and evocative artwork, “Alone Against the Tide” offers hours of captivating gameplay for fans of the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. Whether you are a seasoned investigator or new to solo adventures, this book provides a thrilling and immersive journey into the realms of cosmic horror.

1. Engaging Solo Adventure: Immerse yourself in a thrilling solo adventure as you navigate the Lovecraftian horrors of Esbury. The captivating storyline and multiple branching paths will keep you on the edge of your seat.

2. Choose Your Own Path: Shape the narrative and outcomes with your choices. Will you be a brave investigator or succumb to the lurking terrors? The power to influence the story lies in your hands.

3. Mysterious Setting: Step into the affluent and remote lakeside town of Esbury, filled with secrets and enigmatic characters. Uncover the truth behind Professor William Harris’ research and the eerie green fog that engulfs the town.

4. Play as Your Own Investigator: Create your own investigator or use the ready-to-play character, Dr. E. Woods, a professor of archaeology. Explore Esbury with your unique skills, unraveling the mysteries that await.

5. Call of Cthulhu Compatibility: Designed for use with the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game (7th Edition), this adventure seamlessly integrates into the existing rules and mechanics of the system, offering a smooth and immersive experience for fans of the game.

Embark on a solo adventure like no other with “Alone Against the Tide.” Prepare to face cosmic horrors, make life-altering decisions, and shape the fate of Esbury. Can you survive the mist-shrouded streets and uncover the secrets that lie within? The choice is yours.


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