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Welcome to Corinth, where traders from across the Mediterranean gather to sell their finest goods. In this roll-and-write board game, players compete to secure their place as the most savvy trader. Roll your way to victory, strategically claiming dice and taking actions to gain gold, deliver goods, and achieve success. Easy to learn and quick to play, Corinth is perfect for family game nights and quick breaks. With each game offering new strategies and adventures, you’ll be hooked on this exciting journey through ancient trade!

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Embark on a Trading Adventure in Ancient Corinth

Discover the Bustling Marketplace of Corinth

Get ready for an enthralling journey to ancient Corinth with the board game “Corinth.” Here, strategy and luck combine for an engaging gaming experience. Step into a world of sun-drenched markets and exotic goods in this captivating game set in the 4th century BCE.

Dynamic Gameplay Mechanics

In “Corinth,” your adventure starts with a dice roll. Each turn involves rolling nine dice, with strategic placement leading to various actions. Whether it’s collecting gold or navigating through different levels of the marketplace, every decision counts.

Explore the Riches of Corinth

At the top level, gather gold coins, while the bottom offers goats. The middle levels are crucial for delivering goods to market stalls on your player sheet. This progression involves careful planning and strategy.

Outmaneuver and Prosper

Additionally, use gold to roll extra dice, enhancing your chances of advantageous actions. Be mindful, as unclaimed yellow dice get removed, affecting your rivals’ strategies. Embrace the challenge of outsmarting opponents.

A Game for Everyone

“Corinth” is perfect for 2-4 players, aged 8 and up. With simple rules yet engaging gameplay, it’s an excellent choice for game nights.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Fun and Strategy: Enjoy a blend of luck and strategy, ensuring a unique experience each game.
  2. Accessible to All Ages: Suitable for ages 8+, making it family-friendly.
  3. Engaging Mechanics: The roll-and-write approach keeps players involved.
  4. High Replayability: Multiple victory paths offer endless enjoyment.
  5. Competitive Excitement: Challenge friends and family in trading showdowns.

In summary, “Corinth” offers a captivating blend of strategy and adventure. Dive into the world of ancient trade, where your decisions shape your success. Ready to take on the role of a savvy trader? Add “Corinth” to your collection for an unforgettable gaming experience!


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