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Join the monster madness in King of Tokyo: Power Up! expansion. Create personalized decks of power-ups, evolve your monster, and unleash epic abilities. With new monsters, cards, and gameplay variants, this expansion takes the excitement to new heights. Will you be the last monster standing or reach 20 points first? It’s time to unleash your inner beast and conquer Tokyo!

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Unleash Monstrous Fun with King of Tokyo: Power Up! Expansion

Step into the arena of King of Tokyo and take the battle for monster supremacy to a whole new level with the Power Up! expansion. Designed by Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering, this expansion introduces thrilling new gameplay elements that will make every monster unique and offer endless strategic possibilities.

With the Power Up! expansion, you can unleash the giant panda bear, Pandakai, as a new monster in the game. Each player selects a monster and receives a deck of eight Evolution cards associated with their chosen monster. These cards are shuffled to create a personalized deck, granting special abilities and powers.

Throughout the game, players can earn Evolution cards by collecting hearts. Even in Tokyo, where hearts are normally useless, you can still draw an Evolution card if you have three hearts. The Evolution cards can be played at any time, providing temporary bonuses or permanent abilities that can change the course of the game.

The Power Up! expansion also introduces species identification for monsters, classifying them as Mutant, Invader, or Robot. While not immediately relevant in this expansion, this classification hints at future expansions and potential interactions between different monster types.

The rules of King of Tokyo: Power Up! offer various variants to add even more excitement. You can start the game with a random Evolution card in play or choose between two cards. Alternatively, you can draft a set of Evolutions before the game begins. The goal remains the same: either score 20 points or be the last monster standing amidst the crumbling streets of Tokyo.

With its colorful artwork by Dimitri Chappuis, Bastien Grivet, Igor Polouchine, and Régis Torres, King of Tokyo: Power Up! captures the imagination and brings the monster mayhem to life. This expansion is a must-have for fans of the base game, offering new strategies, more customization options, and even more reasons to engage in monster battles.

1. Unleash Your Inner Monster: Customize your monster with personalized decks of power-ups, evolving them into formidable creatures ready to dominate Tokyo.
2. Endless Strategic Possibilities: With unique Evolution cards, each game becomes a new experience as you discover new abilities and plan your path to victory.
3. Thrilling Gameplay Variants: Experiment with different variants, from starting with a random Evolution card to drafting a set of Evolutions, and keep the excitement fresh.
4. Unforgettable Monster Battles: Engage in epic battles with friends and family, unleashing devastating powers and battling for the title of King of Tokyo.
5. Expand the Fun: Power Up! expansion introduces new monsters, cards, and gameplay elements, adding depth and variety to your King of Tokyo adventures.


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