Munchkin Zombies 3 Hideous Hideouts

Munchkin Zombies 3 Hideous Hideouts


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Take your games of Munchkin Zombies to a variety of horrifying new locations with 16 portal cards and 20 dungeons to mix things up for every player!

Only 1 left in stock

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Unleash the ultimate zombie mayhem with the Munchkin Zombies 3 β€” Hideous Hideouts expansion pack!

This enthralling addition to your Munchkin Zombies game brings a horde of new possibilities to the table, with 20 double-sized and 16 standard-sized cards that promise to inject your gameplay with an extra dose of undead chaos and fun.

πŸ”‘ Key Benefits:

  • Exciting Expansion: Hideous Hideouts is not just an expansion; it’s a doorway to new adventures. It broadens the Munchkin Zombies universe with thrilling new hideouts, providing fresh terrains for your braaaaains-chasing escapades.
  • Double the Fun: The inclusion of double-sized “Dungeon” cards introduces added layers of gameplay depth. These cards offer unique challenges and opportunities, making your journey through the zombie apocalypse even more engaging.
  • Endless Variety: Venture into eerie locations such as Fort Deadly and the Creepy Isolated Cabin of the Dead. Each location comes with its own set of surprises and challenges, ensuring that no two games are ever the same.
  • Keeps Gameplay Fresh: New strategic elements like Breach the Perimeter and Walking in Circles cards keep the game interesting and dynamic. These cards require players to adapt their strategies, making each game a unique experience.
  • Compatible and Complementary: Hideous Hideouts seamlessly integrates with the base Munchkin Zombies game, enhancing your existing decks without disrupting the balance. It’s the perfect way to expand your game and explore new strategies with friends.

Munchkin Zombies 3 β€” Hideous Hideouts is more than just an expansion; it’s an essential upgrade that breathes new life into your game. Whether you’re a seasoned Munchkin veteran or a newcomer to the zombie-infested world, this pack offers endless opportunities for fun, strategy, and, of course, braaaaains-chasing mayhem. Prepare to explore the most hideous hideouts and conquer the undead like never before.

With Munchkin Zombies 3, the zombie apocalypse has never been more exhilarating!


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