Processing: A Game of Serving Humanity

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Get ready for an out-of-this-world gaming experience with Processing: A Game of Serving Humanity! In this uproarious board game, Earth has been conquered by aliens, but that’s just the beginning of the chaos. As a survivor, you must navigate the demands of the Confederated Alien Overlords (CAO’s) and determine who gets “Processed,” “Probed,” or “Freed.” The twist? The aliens believe cows are people too! With conflicting agendas, you’ll face hilarious challenges as you strive to earn the most victory points and emerge victorious.

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Embrace the Chaos: Processing – A Game of Serving Humanity!

Are you ready for a hilarious journey into terrible democracy, alien conquerors, and interstellar hilarity? Dive into “Processing: A Game of Serving Humanity,” where you’ll navigate a world dominated by extraterrestrial beings. Earth has fallen, but the adventure is just beginning!

Survive and Thrive Under Alien Rule

In this captivating board game, you become a survivor under the Confederated Alien Overlords’ rule. You’re tasked with deciding who gets “Processed,” “Probed,” or “Freed.” But here’s the twist – the aliens can’t tell cows from people! This sets the stage for a hilarious yet challenging game of satisfying alien demands.

A Game Packed with Laughs and Strategy

“Processing” caters to 3 to 6 players aged 13 and up, perfect for quick, laughter-filled sessions lasting around 30 minutes. With a complexity rating of 2.00 out of 5, it welcomes both seasoned gamers and newcomers. Strategy and humor blend seamlessly, offering a unique gaming experience.

Master the Aliens’ Whims

The game’s core revolves around aligning with ever-changing alien agendas to gain victory points (VPs) across three rounds. Will you align with their demands, influence their choices, or forge your own path to victory? Be ready for surprises that can turn the tables at any moment!

Stunning Artwork and Innovative Design

Behind “Processing” are the stunning visuals by Graham Judd and the creative genius of Seppy Yoon, published by Fight in a Box. Known for their dedication to quality and immersive play, this game is a testament to their craftsmanship.

Join the Alien Conquest

In conclusion, “Processing: A Game of Serving Humanity” is an essential addition to any game night. It blends strategy, humor, and a touch of the absurd for an unforgettable experience. Serve humanity, one cow at a time, and vie for victory in this thrilling alien adventure!


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