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Get ready for an out-of-this-world gaming experience with Processing: A Game of Serving Humanity! In this uproarious board game, Earth has been conquered by aliens, but that’s just the beginning of the chaos. As a survivor, you must navigate the demands of the Confederated Alien Overlords (CAO’s) and determine who gets “Processed,” “Probed,” or “Freed.” The twist? The aliens believe cows are people too! With conflicting agendas, you’ll face hilarious challenges as you strive to earn the most victory points and emerge victorious.

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Serve Humanity in a Hilarious Alien Conquest – Get Processing: A Game of Serving Humanity!

Are you ready to embrace terrible democracy, alien conquerors, and interstellar hilarity? Look no further than Processing: A Game of Serving Humanity! In this captivating board game, you’ll dive into a world where Earth has fallen under the control of extraterrestrial beings. But trust us, that’s just the beginning!

As a survivor, you find yourself enslaved by the Confederated Alien Overlords (CAO’s), forced to figure out who gets “Processed,” “Probed,” or “Freed.” However, there’s a hilarious twist—the aliens believe cows are people too! Brace yourself for a challenging task of appeasing these conflicting alien agendas. Can you navigate the chaos and come out on top?

Processing offers an engaging and uproarious gaming experience for 3 to 6 players, ages 13 and up. Each game lasts approximately 30 minutes, ensuring quick rounds packed with strategic decision-making and endless laughter. With a complexity rating of 2.00 out of 5, it’s accessible to both experienced gamers and those new to the hobby.

The game’s unique mechanics revolve around appealing to different alien agendas each round. Your goal? Accumulate the most victory points (VPs) over three rounds. Will you prioritize the aliens’ demands, attempt to sway their opinions, or take a riskier path to victory? The choice is yours, but be prepared for unexpected twists and turns!

Processing: A Game of Serving Humanity is brought to life with stunning artwork by Graham Judd and the innovative design of Seppy Yoon. It’s published by Fight in a Box, a renowned board game publisher known for their commitment to high-quality components and immersive gameplay experiences.

In summary, Processing: A Game of Serving Humanity is a must-have addition to any board game collection. It promises hours of laughter, strategic decision-making, and an immersive experience like no other. Embrace the chaos, serve humanity one cow at a time, and compete for victory points in this unforgettable alien conquest!


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