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Step into a post-apocalyptic world filled with danger and excitement in Remnants Board Game. Gather resources, construct your compound, and face off against raiders and mutants in an epic battle for survival. With thrilling real-time gameplay and a captivating storyline, Remnants is a must-have for any board game enthusiast. Unleash your strategic prowess, roll the dice, and emerge as the ultimate survivor in this action-packed adventure!

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Survive and Thrive in a Post-Apocalyptic World with Remnants Board Game – Build, Fight, and Conquer!

Prepare for a Post-Apocalyptic Survival Challenge

Get ready for an action-packed journey in Remnants Board Game. Set in a world devastated by an apocalypse, you’ll need to build, fight, and strategize to survive.

The Thrill of Scavenging and Building

The game unfolds in five intense phases. Start with the Scavenge phase, racing against others to gather resources. Then, in the Build phase, use your loot to strengthen your compound with weapons and defenses.

Strategic Gameplay in a Harsh World

Decisions in Remnants are critical. Will you bolster your defenses or arm yourself with advanced weapons? Your choices in the Build phase will shape your ability to survive upcoming threats.

Epic Battles and Raider Boss Showdowns

Face off against raiders and mutants in adrenaline-fueled battles. Use your resources and strategic thinking to overcome these threats, leading up to the ultimate Raider Boss battle.

Victory Points: The Key to Dominance

Earning victory points is essential. Gain them through development cards, surviving specialists, defeating threats, and bonus tokens. Strategize to outscore your opponents and emerge victorious.

🔑Key Benefits 

  1. Engrossing Post-Apocalyptic Adventure
    • Dive into a challenging world of survival, resource management, and strategy.
  2. Exciting Real-Time Competition
    • Experience the thrill of scavenging for resources in a high-stakes race against other players.
  3. Deep Strategic Choices
    • Carefully plan your compound’s growth and prepare for battles against various threats.
  4. Intense Combat and Strategy
    • Engage in gripping battles, utilizing your resources and strategies to defeat enemies.
  5. High Replayability
    • With diverse strategies and dynamic gameplay, Remnants offers a fresh experience in every session.

Ready to Conquer the Wasteland?

Embark on an epic journey of survival in Remnants Board Game. Test your skills and strategy in a post-apocalyptic world where only the strongest will thrive. Gather your group and see who can best navigate this harsh new world!


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