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Ahoy, mateys! Set sail on a thrilling pirate voyage with Scuttle!, the exhilarating card game that will keep the entire family entertained for hours. Join the ranks of valiant pirates as you scheme, battle, and steal your way to victory. With easy-to-learn rules and a playtime of 5-10 minutes, Scuttle! is perfect for players aged 6 and up.

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Embark on a Swashbuckling Adventure with Scuttle! – The Ultimate Pirate Card Game for the Whole Family!

In Scuttle!, you’ll immerse yourself in the treacherous waters of the high seas, where every turn brings new challenges and opportunities. Will you draw two cards to enhance your strategies, or seize the treasure chest your cunning opponent just played? Or perhaps you’d prefer to wipe the board clean, knowing your precious booty remains protected.

Prepare to unleash the full power of your crew, utilizing monkeys, rodent-powered cannons, sneaky rats, and loyal parrots to safeguard your treasure from those pesky rival pirates. Engage in epic battles, outwit your opponents, and seize the moment to gather 21 glorious doubloons before anyone else.

What sets Scuttle! apart is its fusion of exhilarating gameplay and breathtaking artwork. With the creative updated rules by Peter C. Hayward and the stunningly adventurous art by Kelly Jo, every card is a visual masterpiece that brings the high-seas drama right to your tabletop. It’s a game that effortlessly captures the imagination of both young and old, making it an ideal choice for family game nights or gatherings with friends.

1. Fun for the Whole Family: Scuttle! is designed to be enjoyed by players of all ages, allowing everyone to join in on the pirate-filled excitement.
2. Fast-Paced Adventure: With a playtime of just 5-10 minutes, Scuttle! delivers thrilling gameplay without dragging on, ensuring maximum enjoyment in every session.
3. Easy to Learn, Hard to Master: The simple rules of Scuttle! make it accessible to new players, while strategic depth provides seasoned gamers with a satisfying challenge.
4. Beautifully Illustrated: Immerse yourself in a visually stunning world of pirates, treasure, and high-seas adventure with the breathtaking artwork of Kelly Jo.
5. Endless Replayability: With a combination of card draws and strategic decision-making, each game of Scuttle! offers a unique experience, guaranteeing hours of replayability.

So, set sail, gather your crew, and prepare for an unforgettable journey into the world of pirates with Scuttle! Will you become the most cunning and victorious pirate of them all? The treasure awaits!


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