Sherlock Express


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Race against time in a thrilling board game of deduction and strategy. Unmask culprits, solve crimes, and outwit your opponents!

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Introduction: Step into the World of Sherlock Express

Prepare to delve into the exciting world of deduction with the ‘Sherlock Express’ board game. Transform into a detective and navigate a realm filled with mystery and intrigue. This game turns every player into a potential suspect, offering a thrilling journey to prove innocence.

Game Design and Artistry

‘Sherlock Express’ is a testament to the creative genius of Henri Kermarrec, paired with the artistic talents of Bénédicte Ammar. Their collaboration has captured the essence of the Sherlock Holmes universe, creating an engaging and visually stunning board game.

Gameplay: Fast-Paced Deduction and Excitement

In this game, players race against time to expose culprits and track down Moriarty’s associate. It’s a contest of quick thinking and pattern recognition. The rules are simple yet thrilling, keeping everyone engaged in the chase.

Accessibility and Complexity

Designed for all, ‘Sherlock Express’ is perfect for players aged 7 and up. Its complexity rating of 1.00/5 makes it an excellent choice for family game nights, friend gatherings, or casual play. Everyone can join in the fun, making it a versatile addition to any game collection.

The Essence of Gameplay: Real-Time Challenge

Experience the intensity of real-time gameplay. Each session, lasting about 10 minutes, is a high-stakes adventure. Players must be quick to identify patterns, eliminate suspects, and solve the mystery.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Engaging Mystery: Dive into an immersive world of sleuthing that captivates your attention from the beginning.
  2. Quick Play: Ideal for short gaming sessions, the game provides excitement without dragging on.
  3. Family-Friendly: Suitable for a wide range of ages, it’s a great way to bond with both children and adults.
  4. Stunning Artwork: Bénédicte Ammar’s visuals enrich the gaming experience, bringing the Sherlock Holmes theme to life.
  5. Easy to Learn: Its simplicity ensures that even board game novices can quickly join in and enjoy.

Conclusion: Unveil the Mystery of Sherlock Express

Unravel the mysteries of ‘Sherlock Express’ and enjoy the thrill of crime-solving in real-time. It’s a game that transcends age barriers and promises an engaging adventure for all players. Prepare to showcase your detective skills and unravel Moriarty’s nefarious schemes!


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