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Embrace the thrill of Bohnanza Card Game – Trade beans, strategize, and win! Perfect for family and friends.



Bohnanza: The Exciting Bean Planting Adventure Game

Gameplay Overview

In Bohnanza, players embark on an engaging journey of planting and harvesting bean cards to earn coins. Start with a unique hand of bean cards, each representing different bean varieties in varying quantities. Unlike other card games, Bohnanza challenges you to use your cards in the order they are drawn, spicing up the game with strategic trades among players.

Strategic Planting and Harvesting

Your turn involves planting one or two cards from your hand into your fields, each capable of holding only one bean type. Encounter different beans? You’ll need to harvest a field to make room, turning this into a strategic decision. Reveal two new cards from the deck afterward, opening the door for lively trades and future deals with others.

Key Benefits:

  1. Unique Card Management: The inability to rearrange your hand adds a unique twist, enhancing strategic depth.
  2. Interactive Trading: Central to Bohnanza, trading with other players is essential and fosters engaging player interaction.
  3. Strategic Depth: Deciding when to plant, trade, or harvest requires careful strategy, making each game uniquely challenging.
  4. Evolving Gameplay: As the deck depletes and is reshuffled, strategies must adapt, keeping the game dynamic and exciting.
  5. Accessible for All: With straightforward rules and engaging gameplay, Bohnanza is suitable for players of all ages and skill levels.

Earn Coins with the ‘Beanometer’

During harvest, earn coins based on the number of bean cards in a field and their specific ‘beanometer’ values. Transform 1-4 cards from a field into coins, adding a thrilling element to each harvest.

Game Conclusion and Victory

As the game concludes after going through the deck three times, players get a final chance to harvest. The player with the most coins from their skillful bean farming wins, crowning them the ultimate bean farmer in this adventurous journey!

Experience the thrill of harvest fun and strategy: Bohnanza: Harvest Fun and Strategy!


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