Wooly Wars Board Game


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Get ready for an epic battle between cunning sheep and crafty wolves in Wooly Wars! In this thrilling board game, you’ll step into the country of La Guerre des Moutons, where fields are filled with adorable sheep and forests are prowled by hungry wolves. Your goal? To fence in as many of your sheep as possible while avoiding the dreaded predators.

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Enter the Playful World of Wooly Wars

A Delightful Strategy Game for Sheep and Wolf Enthusiasts

Get ready for a fun-filled adventure with Wooly Wars, a game that pits fluffy sheep against cunning wolves. Players face the exciting challenge of protecting their sheep while outmaneuvering their opponents. Are you prepared to become the master shepherd, or will the wolves outsmart you?

Engaging Gameplay for Everyone

Strategic Fun for 2-4 Players

Wooly Wars is perfect for both casual gamers and strategy enthusiasts. This 2-4 player game cleverly combines tile placement, hand management, and enclosure mechanics. You’ll need to think ahead and act strategically to keep your sheep safe and outwit the competition.

Charming Visuals and Exciting Challenges

Experience the Vibrant World of La Guerre des Moutons

The game is set in the picturesque country of La Guerre des Moutons, where vibrant artwork brings the battle between sheep and wolves to life. Players navigate through fields and forests, placing tiles to protect their sheep, while staying alert for the ever-present threat of wolves.

Ideal for Families and Gamers Alike

Accessible and Engaging for Ages 7 and Up

Wooly Wars strikes a great balance between being easy to learn and offering enough depth to keep players engaged. This makes it an excellent choice for players as young as 7, ensuring fun for the whole family or a group of gaming friends.

Why Wooly Wars Stands Out

Quick, Fun, and Replayable

  1. Strategic Depth: Every move is crucial in protecting your sheep and outsmarting your foes.
  2. Engaging Theme: Dive into a world of adorable sheep and stealthy wolves with captivating artwork.
  3. Family-Friendly: Great for players of all ages, perfect for game nights and gatherings.
  4. Fresh Each Time: The game offers varied strategies and surprises, ensuring no two games are the same.
  5. Fast-Paced Fun: Enjoy a complete gaming experience in just 30 minutes, ideal for busy schedules.


Strategy, Fun, and Fluffy Sheep Await in Wooly Wars

Wooly Wars is more than just a board game; it’s an engaging experience of strategy, laughter, and playful competition. Gather your friends or family for an exciting game night filled with sheep, wolves, and strategic fun. Will you be the one to outsmart the wolves and lead your flock to victory? Join the adventure and find out!


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