Dixit Board Game Collection

Dive into the Imaginative World of Dixit Board Games

Embark on an enchanting journey with Dixit, an award-winning card game perfect for any gathering. The game sets the stage for storytelling with its 84 distinct, beautifully designed cards. Create captivating stories and dive into a dreamy world.

Enhance Your Dixit Experience

Range of Dixit Board Games

🌟 Discover the Range of Dixit Board Games

Discover Dixit’s range of board games, including the original and exciting expansions. Expand your collection, unleash creativity, and immerse yourself in enchanting stories.

Gameplay with Expansion Packs

🎉 Expand Your Horizons with Dixit Expansions

Upgrade your Dixit experience by adding exciting expansion packs. These packs introduce more cards for storytelling, allowing you to mix and match for fresh narratives. Plus, unlock the magical essence of Dixit and broaden your game nights.

Endless Storytelling Adventures with Dixit

📖 Boundless Storytelling Awaits

In Dixit, storytelling takes the forefront. You can stick with the core game or blend it with expansions to unlock a limitless realm of narrative potential.

Game Mechanics: How to Score in Dixit

The game features various ways to collect points based on voting for cards that best fit a player’s description.

✅ If all players guess the storyteller’s card, everyone gets 2 points, while the storyteller earns none.

✅ Conversely, if no one guesses correctly, the storyteller gains 2 points and an additional point for each vote their card receives.

✅ When at least one player identifies the storyteller’s card, both the storyteller and the guesser earn 3 points, while others get a bonus point for each vote on their cards.

Why Choose Dixit?

Dixit offers an ever-expanding world, brimming with storytelling opportunities. Choose from a wide range of products to suit your preferences. Enhance your experience with expansions, or delve into unique puzzles.

So, why wait? Allow Dixit to transport you into a whimsical world of creativity and storytelling. Make unforgettable memories, one game at a time.

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