Dixit Chameleon Night 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Dixit Chameleon Night 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


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In stock


Experience the magic of Dixit with the Chameleon Night Jigsaw Puzzle! This 1000-piece puzzle features artwork by Marina Coudray and offers a fun and engaging experience for puzzle enthusiasts aged 14 and above. With its easy-to-frame design, you can turn the completed puzzle into a stunning piece of art for your home. Each puzzle also includes an exclusive Dixit card, adding a storytelling element to your Dixit game. Bring joy to your family and friends as you piece together this enchanting puzzle and create lasting memories. Available now for an immersive puzzle-solving adventure!



Dive into the Magical World of Chameleon Night 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle—A Burst of Color and Imagination!

Ignite Your Senses

Love puzzles and fascinated by nature? The Chameleon Night Jigsaw Puzzle is for you! This 1000-piece challenge is more than a mental workout. It also draws you into the vivid world of chameleons.

Every Piece a Color Splash

Crafted with eye-catching detail, each piece depicts the chameleon’s home. As you connect them, the colors change, revealing the chameleon’s vivid look.

🔑 Key Perks:

  • Visual Thrill: Sink into the lush details of the chameleon’s world. Complete the puzzle and discover a whole, lively ecosystem.
  • Inner Calm: Beyond the eye candy, this puzzle serves as a mindful break from daily stress.
  • Dixit Bonus: Each puzzle comes with an exclusive Dixit card. This extra spices up your Dixit games.
  • Fit for a Frame: Finish the puzzle and you get a beautiful 18.9 x 26.8-inch piece of art.
  • For All: Suitable for ages 14 and up, it’s great for family or solo time.

Story and Challenge Blend

Like all Dixit puzzles, the Chameleon Night version lets you dive into stories. As you piece it together, you do more than create an image. You weave a tale.

Built to Last

High-quality craftsmanship makes this puzzle a keeper. So, enjoy endless hours of fun and thought.

Don’t Miss the Magic

Discover the mystery, release the colors, and free your imagination. The Chameleon Night Puzzle isn’t just a toy. It’s your gateway to a world of color and wonder. Ready for a unique puzzle experience? Grab your Chameleon Night puzzle today and discover the magic, one piece at a time.


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