Dixit 2: Quest

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Step into a world of imagination and intrigue with Dixit: Quest! This expansion pack for the beloved Dixit card game introduces 84 stunning and evocative image cards, ready to transport you and your friends to magical realms. With its unique blend of storytelling and deduction, Dixit: Quest invites players of all ages to unlock their creativity and engage in a captivating experience. Embark on a journey where words aren’t enough and imagination reigns supreme. Every card tells a tale, but it’s up to you to decipher the hidden meanings and craft your narrative. Expand your Dixit collection with this remarkable expansion pack and elevate your gameplay to new heights!

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Unveil Your Creativity with Dixit 2: Quest—The Ultimate Storytelling Card Game

Step into a magical world of storytelling and imagination with Dixit 2: Quest This exceptional expansion pack enriches the award-winning Dixit card game, offering 84 new mesmerizing image cards that promise to spark your creativity and engage players of all ages.

Here’s How it Works:

Dixit 2: Quest keeps the core gameplay of the original Dixit intact. Each player takes turns as the storyteller, giving a clue or brief description for one of their cards. Then, the others pick a card from their hand that they think fits the clue, submitting them face-down. After shuffling and revealing all the cards, players guess which card belongs to the storyteller. Collect points by either fooling other players with your own clever card or by accurately identifying the storyteller’s card. The player with the highest score wins!

What’s New:

  1. Enhanced Creativity: First off, the expansion pack adds 84 stunningly illustrated cards, each featuring its own surreal and dream-like image. These cards serve as your playground to weave fascinating stories that go beyond the ordinary.
  2. Dynamic Gameplay: Next, the interactive nature of the game encourages lively discussions and creative thinking, making it a hit for any game night.
  3. More Variety: Additionally, this expansion deepens your Dixit experience by adding a whole new set of cards, bringing greater depth and diversity to your game sessions.
  4. Blend and Mix: Moreover, you can combine Dixit: Quest cards with cards from other Dixit sets like Dixit: Journey or Dixit: Odyssey. This offers endless storytelling potential and ensures that every game is a unique experience.
  5. All-Inclusive Fun: Lastly, the game’s easy-to-grasp rules and all-age suitability make it a perfect choice for family and friends, ensuring everyone gets to participate and enjoy.

So, if you’re looking to elevate your Dixit 2: Quest game to the next level, Dixit: Quest is a must-have. Not only does it introduce new elements to refresh and enrich your storytelling, but it also adds depth and versatility to keep everyone engaged. Regardless of your familiarity with Dixit, this expansion promises a fresh, imaginative take on a beloved classic.

Why wait? Dive into the enchanting realms of Dixit: Quest and let your imagination soar!


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