2021-22 Topps UEFA Champions League Match Attax Cards – Mega Tin Lava


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In stock


Experience the thrill of sporting legends with Topps Match Attax 21/22 – Mega Lava Collection Box. Discover rare relics cards, crystal parallel cards, chrome shield cards, and more. Elevate your collection and immerse yourself in greatness!

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Dive Into Sporting Greatness

Relive Sporting Legends

Step into a world of sporting greatness with the Topps Match Attax 21/22 – Mega Lava Collection Box. Experience the thrill of discovering rare relics cards of jerseys worn by legendary players. Prepare to relive iconic moments and elevate your collection to extraordinary heights.

  • A Window into History: Dive deeper into the game’s rich heritage with authentic relics cards. These pieces connect you directly to the triumphs and memories that have shaped the sporting world, offering a tangible piece of history.

Unveiling the Extraordinary

Embark on an unmatched adventure with the Mega Lava Collection Box. Beyond relics cards, this treasure trove promises remarkable discoveries and coveted additions to your collection. Explore the depths and uncover the extraordinary.

  • Crystal Parallel Cards: Adorn your collection with the elegance of crystal parallel cards. Each card captures light in mesmerizing ways, shining as a beacon of brilliance among your prized possessions.
  • Chrome Shield Cards: Experience the power of invincibility with Chrome Shield Cards. These metallic masterpieces symbolize strength and resilience, embodying the unwavering spirit of determination found in the game.

The Chase for Greatness

The journey toward greatness continues with the inclusion of Match Attax Chrome Bonus Cards and limited edition gold cards in the Mega Lava Collection Box. Each card is a step further in enhancing your collection.

  • Match Attax Chrome Bonus Cards: Elevate your gameplay with exclusive Match Attax Chrome Bonus Cards. These cards introduce unique strategic opportunities, challenging you to outplay opponents and elevate your game.
  • Limited Edition Gold Cards: Pursue the ultimate collector’s dream with limited edition gold cards. These rare and meticulously designed cards represent the pinnacle of prestige, with 30 unique pieces to collect, each marking a triumph in your quest for greatness.


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