Blood Money: Western Legends Exp.


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Live the Wild West dream in Western Legends: Blood Money Expansion. Adventure, risk, and fame await in this thrilling expansion.

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Become a Legendary Outlaw in Western Legends: Blood Money Expansion!

Step into the Wild West

Are you ready to step into the rugged world of the Wild West and carve your name into history? Western Legends: Blood Money Expansion is your ticket to becoming a legendary outlaw. It’s packed with exciting features that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Unleash Your Inner Outlaw

Firstly, with the Blood Money expansion, you’ll have the chance to live the life of a true outlaw. Engage in daring shootouts, rob banks, and outwit your rivals as you strive to become the most feared figure in the Wild West.

Embark on Endless Adventures

Moreover, the legendary story module adds a new layer of excitement to your games. Embark on high-reward adventures that will test your skills and bravery. Are you ready to uncover the Wild West’s best-kept secrets?

Experience Risk and Reward

Additionally, the risk module introduces a thrilling element to your gameplay. Roll the dice to improve your actions, but beware—there’s the potential for injury. It’s a gamble that adds suspense and strategy to every move you make.

Expand Your Empire

Furthermore, purchase deeds to locations and legendary items from the traveling trader. Build your empire and wield powerful artifacts that will solidify your status as an unstoppable force in the Wild West.

Discover New Faces and Possibilities

Finally, explore a roster of new characters and items that will keep your games fresh and exciting. With each playthrough, you’ll discover new strategies and tactics to master.

Become a Legend

In conclusion, in this expansion, you’ll find the opportunity to become a legend in the American West, just like the outlaws of old. Face the challenges, embrace the risks, and claim your place in history. Western Legends: Blood Money Expansion is your key to a world of adventure, danger, and Wild West glory.


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