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BrainBox: The World is an exciting and educational card game that will expand your knowledge of countries in a fun and engaging way. Memorize fascinating facts, test your memory skills, and compete against friends and family to become the BrainBox champion. With beautifully illustrated cards and a quick gameplay format, this game is perfect for players of all ages. Discover the wonders of the world while challenging your memory and strategic thinking. Get ready to explore, learn, and have a blast with BrainBox: The World!



Boost Your World Knowledge with BrainBox: The World – The Fun and Fast-Paced Memory Card Game!

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey around the world? Look no further than BrainBox: The World! This captivating memory card game will not only provide hours of entertainment but also expand your knowledge of countries and cultures. With its fun and fast-paced gameplay, BrainBox: The World is the perfect choice for both children and adults who love to learn and challenge their memory skills.

Featuring 71 beautifully illustrated cards showcasing the best the world has to offer, BrainBox: The World offers a thrilling experience for players of all ages. Each card is filled with fascinating facts about different countries, including famous landmarks, traditional cuisines, unique customs, and much more. As you delve into the game, you’ll find yourself exploring the secrets of Machu Picchu, discovering the bird New Zealanders are named after, and immersing yourself in the wonders of our diverse planet.

The objective of the game is simple: study a card for just 10 seconds, and then answer a question based on the roll of a die. If you answer correctly, you get to keep the card. The player with the most cards after 5 or 10 minutes becomes the ultimate BrainBox champion! This fast-paced gameplay not only challenges your memory but also enhances your strategic thinking and quick decision-making skills.

BrainBox: The World is not only a source of endless fun and entertainment but also an educational tool. It is designed to foster curiosity, spark conversations, and promote global awareness. The game is perfect for family gatherings, game nights, classroom activities, or simply as a way to learn more about the world in an interactive and engaging way.

Crafted with care, BrainBox: The World is made from a minimum of 70% recycled material, reflecting the commitment to sustainability by its publisher, Green Board Game Co. The game has received recognition in the gaming community and was nominated for the prestigious Γ…rets Spill Best Party Game award in 2011.

1. Expand Your World Knowledge: Discover interesting facts about countries from around the globe while having a blast with BrainBox: The World.
2. Fun and Engaging Gameplay: Challenge your memory skills and strategic thinking in a fast-paced, easy-to-learn format.
3. Perfect for All Ages: Whether you’re 8 or 80, BrainBox: The World offers an entertaining and educational experience for players of all ages.
4. Foster Family Bonding: Spend quality time with loved ones, engage in friendly competition, and create lasting memories together.
5. Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly: Made from a minimum of 70% recycled material, BrainBox: The World aligns with eco-conscious values.

Get ready to embark on an exciting adventure, explore the world, and become the ultimate BrainBox champion! Order your copy of BrainBox: The World today and let the fun and learning begin!


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