Brass: Birmingham


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Brass: Birmingham is an economic strategy board game set during the Industrial Revolution in Birmingham, England. Compete, build, and expand your industries to succeed in this challenging game.



Brass: Birmingham – The Industrial Strategy Experience

The Industrial Revolution Reimagined

Step into the rich tapestry of the Industrial Revolution with Brass: Birmingham, a board game that encapsulates the era’s fervent spirit of innovation and competition. Play as a burgeoning industrialist during the pivotal years of 1770 to 1870 and vie for economic dominance in the smoky skies of Birmingham.

Masterful Gameplay Mechanics

Brass: Birmingham is not merely a game but a portal to a past era of economic exploration. Craft a complex network of industries, transport links, and markets. Each decision carves out your industrial empire’s destiny, demanding foresight and shrewd strategic planning.

Innovate with the Scout Action

The game’s innovative “Scout” action offers a tactical edge, discarding cards for versatile wild cards. This action broadens your strategic horizon, allowing for unexpected and game-changing plays that can alter the competitive landscape in an instant.

Strategic Depth and Decision Making

With each of the two actions you take per round, from building infrastructure to trading goods, the stakes escalate. Your goal: to construct an engine of industry that runs more efficiently and profitably than your rivals’. Each choice you make—from taking loans to scouting new opportunities—can cement your status as a titan of industry or leave you in the dust of your competitors.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Immersive Historical Setting: Transport yourself to the heart of the Industrial Revolution, where economic battles are won with cunning and ambition.
  2. Complex Strategic Play: Navigate the intricate maze of industrial growth, resource management, and network expansion. Each move is a step toward potential victory.
  3. Dynamic Market Play: React and adapt to fluctuating market demands. Your ability to anticipate and capitalize on these changes determines your success.
  4. Exquisite Art and Quality: The game’s beautiful artwork and premium components enrich the overall experience, creating a visually stunning tableau on your table.
  5. Social and Competitive Fun: A 2-4 player game blending social fun with competitive strategy for game nights.

Embark on Your Industrial Saga

Brass: Birmingham stands as a testament to the strategic depth and replayability that a board game can offer. Each session is a new foray into the world of industry, with unique challenges and opportunities. Gather friends, strategize, and build the greatest empire in the steam and steel era.


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