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Step into the bustling world of the Industrial Revolution with Brass: Lancashire! As a savvy entrepreneur, it’s your time to shine. Strategize, build industries, and create a powerful network to capitalize on the demand for iron, coal, and cotton. With immersive gameplay, stunning artwork, and intense competition, Brass: Lancashire is the ultimate economic strategy game that will keep you hooked for hours!

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Brass: Lancashire – Mastering Industrial Revolution Strategy

Embark on the Industrial Journey

Brass: Lancashire invites you to the heart of the Industrial Revolution. Step into the shoes of a savvy entrepreneur in Lancashire, poised to build a formidable empire.

Building and Strategizing

In this game, you’re transported to an era defined by steam power, coal mines, and thriving industries. Your mission: to develop and network industries that capitalize on the demand for resources like iron, coal, and cotton. Brass: Lancashire unfolds over two distinct phases – the canal and the rail phase – each requiring a unique strategic approach.

Deep Strategic Gameplay

Every decision in Brass: Lancashire is critical. Choose which industries to develop and how to connect your network for maximum efficiency. The choice between focusing on coal mines or cotton mills, navigating market demands, and timing your expansions is vital. Players get two actions per round, encompassing building, developing, selling, and loan-taking, while also monitoring competitors’ strategies.

Innovative Turn Order Mechanism

A unique feature of Brass: Lancashire is its turn order track. It allows players who spend less in a round to act more quickly in the next, adding a layer of strategic timing and resource management. This element challenges players to balance their spending and actions for optimal results.

Stunning Design and Immersive Experience

The game’s artwork and components are a tribute to the Industrial Revolution’s spirit. Industry tiles, player discs, and the game board are meticulously designed, enhancing the immersive experience.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Strategic Decision-Making: Hone your skills in resource management and strategic planning.
  2. Historical Theme: Experience the vibrancy of the Industrial Revolution era through detailed artwork and gameplay.
  3. High Replayability: Different strategies and variable market conditions ensure a unique experience each game.
  4. Competitive and Social: Perfect for game nights, fostering competition and camaraderie among players.
  5. Educational Value: Learn about industrial history in an engaging, interactive format.

An Industrial Saga Awaits

Brass: Lancashire stands as a testament to strategic depth and historical immersion. As you engage in this game, you’re not just competing for points; you’re reliving a pivotal era in history. Whether you’re a strategy enthusiast, history buff, or just looking for a challenging game night, Brass: Lancashire promises an epic adventure. Prepare to build, network, and dominate in this captivating representation of industrial might and strategy.


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