Cardfight!! Vanguard – BanG Dream! FILM LIVE Booster Pack


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In stock


Step into the spotlight and embark on a musical journey with the Cardfight!! Vanguard – BanG Dream! FILM LIVE Booster Pack! This exhilarating pack brings the BanG Dream! franchise to life, allowing you to recreate epic band concerts in the form of card battles. With the ability to construct decks for the iconic bands 《Poppin’Party》, 《Afterglow》, 《Pastel*Palettes》, 《Roselia》, and 《Hello, Happy World!》, you’ll feel the rhythm pulsating through your fingertips.

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Unleash the Rhythm! Cardfight!! Vanguard – BanG Dream! FILM LIVE Booster Pack

Discover the Thrill of Unwrapping

Each pack contains seven random cards, offering the thrill of surprises with every purchase. Dive into strategic gameplay and outwit your opponents. Feature your beloved BanG Dream! characters through character signature cards and voice actor signature cards.

Exclusive Box Toppers

Moreover, exclusive box toppers enhance your collection’s value. With each purchase, expect a “BanG Dream! FILM LIVE” Gift Marker or Quick Shield Ticket, adding more excitement to your collection.

A Visual Treat with Landscape-Oriented Cards

Prepare for a unique touch in your gaming experience with landscape-oriented cards. Additionally, the pack’s parallel cards ensure a diverse and thrilling assortment with each opening.

Elevate Your Gameplay

Embark on an adventure where music transcends reality and imagination. The Cardfight!! Vanguard – BanG Dream! FILM LIVE Booster Pack brings the sensational concerts of BanG Dream! to life through intense card battles.

Construct Your Ideal Band Deck

Join forces with iconic bands like 《Poppin’Party》, 《Afterglow》, 《Pastel*Palettes》, 《Roselia》, and 《Hello, Happy World!》. Choose the tunes that resonate with you and strategically unleash harmonious melodies on the battlefield.

What’s Inside Each Pack?

Brace yourself for the excitement of uncovering secrets within each pack. Discover character signature cards or voice actor signatures to make your collection special.

Enhance Your Gameplay with Box Toppers

Additionally, each booster pack includes exclusive box toppers, such as a “BanG Dream! FILM LIVE” Gift Marker or Quick Shield Ticket. These extras enhance gameplay and add collector’s delight.

Experience the Landscape

Lastly, be captivated by landscape-oriented cards and the incredible variety of parallel cards. Each purchase promises a refreshing twist and stunning visuals, immersing you in the world of BanG Dream!


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