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Confident? is not your ordinary trivia game. It’s a highly entertaining and unique board game that will have you on the edge of your seat. Gather your friends and family and prepare to put your knowledge to the test with intriguing questions. But here’s the twist: instead of giving exact answers, you’ll guess with a range! The goal is to be correct and confident, but the smaller your range compared to others, the more points you’ll score. It’s a game that guarantees fun, laughter, and friendly competition for players of all ages.

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Unleash Your Trivia Skills with Confident? Board Game

Interactive Trivia Challenge

Confident? is an engaging board game that tests your knowledge with a twist. Perfect for trivia lovers and casual gamers, it promises an interactive and captivating experience.

Game Mechanics: Guessing with a Range

The game’s concept is straightforward yet intriguing. You answer questions like “how many slices in a loaf of bread?” by guessing a range, not an exact number. The twist? Earning points depends on the accuracy and narrowness of your range. It’s a test of confidence and precision.

Ideal for Group Play

Additionally, Confident? is suitable for 3 to 99 players, making it a great choice for any gathering. Each game lasts 20-40 minutes, perfect for quick rounds full of excitement and laughter. It’s designed for players aged 11 and up, ensuring inclusivity.

Strategic and Competitive Fun

Furthermore, Confident? stands out with its unique gameplay. It blends knowledge with strategy, challenging players to outthink their opponents. Careful consideration of your range is key to success, making each round thrilling and competitive.

Quality Game Components

Moreover, the game features high-quality components. The question cards are diverse and informative, covering various topics. The score trackers and range markers are user-friendly and visually appealing, enhancing the play experience.

šŸ”‘Benefits of Playing Confident?

  1. Knowledge Testing: Challenge yourself with a variety of questions.
  2. Unique Gameplay: Enjoy the strategic twist of guessing ranges.
  3. Suitable for Groups: Perfect for parties and family game nights.
  4. Encourages Competition: Engage in friendly rivalry and strategic thinking.
  5. Quality Design: Appreciate the game’s well-crafted components.

In conclusion, Confident? is an entertaining and challenging trivia game. It offers a blend of knowledge, strategy, and fun. Whether you’re competing with friends or family, it’s an excellent way to test your trivia skills. Ready to prove how confident you are? Grab your copy of Confident? and enjoy an exciting game night!


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