Discovery: The Era of Voyage


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Experience the thrill of exploration and trade in “Discovery: The Era of Voyage” board game! As a daring captain, chart unknown seas, discover new cities and islands, and amass wealth through strategic trading and development. With easy-to-learn gameplay, this immersive and engaging game is perfect for players aged 8 and above. Unleash your inner explorer, accumulate reputation, and shape your family’s future. Embark on an unforgettable voyage today!

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Navigate and Trade in “Discovery: The Era of Voyage” Board Game

Set Sail on a Captivating Adventure

“Discovery: The Era of Voyage” board game beckons you to become an adventurous captain. With state-of-the-art shipbuilding and navigation, you’re set for an epic journey of discovery, trade, and growth. Prepare to explore unknown seas, encounter new cities, and islands, combining economic strategy with medieval and nautical themes for a one-of-a-kind gameplay experience. Gather your crew, prepare your ships, and set sail to make your mark!

Engage in Dynamic Gameplay

The game, ideal for 2-4 players, promises fast-paced, 30-45 minute sessions. Its modular board and area majority mechanics offer a variety of strategic options, adapting to the changing game environment. Each decision can dramatically alter your path to victory, keeping the gameplay exciting and unpredictable.

Master the Art of Trade

Trade is at the heart of your quest for prosperity. Exchange goods and commodities with other players, using your resources wisely to build reputation and wealth. Strategic trading decisions are key to shaping your family’s future and securing lasting success.

Accessible and Enjoyable for All Ages

With elegant design and straightforward rules, “Discovery: The Era of Voyage” is enjoyable for players aged 8 and up. It’s a great fit for both experienced gamers and newcomers to board games, offering a fun and immersive experience that stimulates the imagination.

🔑 Key Benefits:

  1. Epic Adventure: Explore uncharted seas and discover hidden treasures.
  2. Strategic Trading: Use savvy trading skills to grow wealth and reputation.
  3. Dynamic Gameplay: Enjoy varied and engaging sessions with every play.
  4. Family-Friendly Fun: Suitable for a wide range of players, creating memorable family game nights.
  5. Infinite Replayability: The modular board ensures each game is fresh and exciting.

Join the ranks of skilled traders and fearless explorers in “Discovery: The Era of Voyage.” Your journey to build a legacy of wealth and influence starts here. Set your course for an unforgettable voyage!


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