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Experience the thrill of creating beautiful stained glass windows in this exciting tile-laying game. Compete with 2-4 players to strategically place glass panes in your window and score points. With simple rules and unique scoring opportunities each round, this game is easy to learn but challenging to master. The gorgeous components, including translucent glass pieces, add to the game’s stunning visuals. Don’t miss out on this must-have addition to any board game collection.



Experience the Beauty of Stained Glass with Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra Tile-Laying Game

If you’re ready to embark on a journey of creativity and strategy, Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra offers a captivating experience that revolves around creating stunning stained glass windows. This tile-laying game boasts easy-to-grasp rules, unique gameplay mechanics, and breathtaking visuals, making it a perfect choice for gamers of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the hobby it is designed to provide an engaging and immersive experience.

A Game for Everyone

Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra accommodates 2 to 4 players and typically takes around 30 to 45 minutes to play, making it an ideal choice for various gaming settings. Whether you’re having a casual game night with friends or a family gathering, this game offers entertainment for all.

The Art of Stained Glass

Immerse yourself in the artistry of stained glass as you embark on a creative journey. The components of this game are not only functional but also visually breathtaking. The glass pieces and boards resemble actual stained glass windows, adding an extra layer of aesthetic appeal to your gaming experience.

Strategic Tile Placement

In Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra, players draft glass panes from a shared supply and strategically place them in their personal window, following specific rules. Planning ahead and considering the window’s design are crucial to maximize your points. What sets this game apart is that the rules for tile placement differ from its predecessor, Azul, providing a fresh twist and an exciting challenge for both new and experienced players.

Award-Winning Excellence

Designed by Michael Kiesling and published by Next Move Games in 2018, Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra has garnered recognition in the board gaming community. It has received awards such as the Golden Geek Best Family Game and Best Abstract Game at the UK Games Expo, solidifying its reputation as a standout title in the genre.

In conclusion, It is a game that combines strategic depth, stunning visuals, and an immersive experience. Whether you’re looking for a game night filled with creativity and competition or a visually captivating board game, Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra offers it all. Whether you’re an experienced gamer or new to the hobby, add this game to your collection and experience the beauty of stained glass like never before.


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