Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Extreme Danger


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Unleash your inner hero with Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Extreme Danger expansion pack! This thrilling board game takes firefighting to the next level, challenging you to save lives, battle raging flames, and overcome extreme obstacles. With six different building configurations and firefighter-specific miniatures, the game offers endless excitement and replayability. Race against time as you strategically coordinate your team’s actions, utilizing specialized equipment and tackling hazardous situations. Secure explosive objects, contain chemical spills, and navigate through fire-proof doors to rescue trapped victims. Expand your gaming experience by combining this expansion with the 2nd Story expansion for even more building options. With a box to conveniently store all previous expansions, this pack is a must-have for any fan of Flash Point: Fire Rescue. Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure that will leave you breathless!

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Embrace the Challenge with Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Extreme Danger

Elevate Your Firefighting Experience

Prepare for an intensified firefighting adventure with the Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Extreme Danger expansion pack. This addition to the base game is perfect for fans seeking a more thrilling and challenging experience.

Dynamic Gameplay: New Challenges and Scenarios

The expansion pack offers six unique building configurations, each presenting distinct challenges. From a multi-story laboratory to a mechanic’s garage, these settings test your strategic abilities and decision-making skills. Face these diverse scenarios and demonstrate your firefighting prowess.

Unique Features: Immersive and Organized Play

  • Firefighter-Specific Miniatures: Enhance your immersion with detailed miniatures, each with colored bases, allowing you to fully embody your heroic character.
  • Challenging Game Elements: Encounter explosive objects, hazardous materials, and fire-proof doors. Use your tools and expertise to navigate and overcome these obstacles.
  • Convenient Storage Solution: The expansion pack includes a box to organize all previous expansions, keeping your collection neat and accessible.

Cooperative Gameplay: Teamwork at Its Best

Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Extreme Danger emphasizes cooperative play. Work together, communicate effectively, and make crucial decisions as a team. The game mechanics, including action points, dice rolling, and grid movement, make every turn a new and exciting challenge.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Heroic Adventures: Embrace the role of a firefighter and tackle intense rescue missions.
  2. Replayability and Variety: Six building layouts ensure no two games are alike, offering endless excitement.
  3. Deep Role Immersion: Step into the boots of a firefighter with unique miniatures and roles.
  4. Organized Gaming Experience: Keep your expansions neatly stored for easy setup and play.
  5. Enhanced Gameplay: Combine with the 2nd Story expansion for even more scenarios and strategic options.

Ready to dive into the thrilling world of firefighting with Flash Point: Fire Rescue – Extreme Danger? Gear up, join forces with your team, and become the hero in a game of strategy, courage, and teamwork.


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