Noria Board Game


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Build your empire among floating islands in this strategic and visually stunning board game, perfect for explorers and strategists.

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Embark on a Sky-High Adventure with Noria Board Game!

Welcome to the World of Noria Step into Noria’s fantastical realm, where adventure begins in the sky. This groundbreaking board game sets players on a quest to build empires on floating islands. With its mix of exploration, resource management, and strategy, Noria captivates with a unique gameplay experience.

Gameplay Innovation

Innovative Wheel Mechanism

At Noria’s core is a revolutionary wheel mechanism. This system challenges players to think ahead and strategize smartly. It’s a novel twist that refreshes the board game genre.

Strategic Depth

Noria offers a rich tapestry of strategic choices. Players decide on empire expansion and political maneuvering. Each game is a new puzzle, with every decision influencing the path to victory.

For Every Player

Engaging for All

Noria’s intuitive design welcomes both new and seasoned players. Its scalable difficulty ensures an engaging experience for any group, making it a top choice for game nights.

Visually Stunning

The game’s art and components vividly bring the floating worlds of Noria to life. Its visual appeal transforms gameplay into an immersive journey.

Endless Exploration


With its ever-changing board and multiple victory paths, Noria offers endless strategic exploration. This dynamic keeps the game fresh and intriguing over many plays.

🔑Key Benefits

  • Challenge Your Mind: Sharpen strategic and critical thinking skills.
  • Immerse in Fantasy: Each session is an escape into a beautifully crafted world.
  • Connect with Others: Ideal for fostering teamwork and social interaction.
  • Experience Innovation: The unique wheel mechanism offers a novel gameplay twist.
  • Discover Something New: High replayability ensures a new adventure every time.


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