VS System 2PCG: Crossover Volume 3


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Only 1 left in stock


Are you ready to unleash the full might of your deck and conquer the Battleworld? VS System 2PCG: Crossover Volume 3 Expansion is a must-have for Marvel fans, card game enthusiasts, and anyone seeking thrilling battles and strategic gameplay. Join the ranks of legendary heroes and villains, navigate treacherous terrains, and shape the destiny of the Battleworld!

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Introduction to VS System 2PCG: Crossover Volume 3

Epic Marvel Battles Await in This Exciting Expansion

Get ready for an intense showdown in VS System 2PCG: Crossover Volume 3 Expansion. This addition to the popular card game brings the Battleworld to your tabletop, offering new heroes, villains, and realms to explore. Perfect for Marvel enthusiasts and strategic card players alike, this expansion promises an exhilarating gaming experience.

New Characters and Strategies

Expand Your Deck with Iconic Marvel Characters

Crossover Volume 3 introduces three new Main Characters and four Supporting Characters, each brimming with unique abilities and strategic potential. Whether you’re rooting for heroes or villains, these characters add depth and diversity to your gameplay, allowing for new tactics and challenges.

Diverse Gameplay Modes

Experience Boss Battles and Story Mode

This expansion enhances gameplay with two exciting modes. Dive into intense Boss Battles, where you’ll need to outwit formidable opponents, or immerse yourself in Story Mode, featuring narrative-driven gameplay that adds a rich, thematic layer to your card battles. Both modes offer fresh and engaging experiences for players.

Deck Building and Customization

Unleash Your Creativity with 55 New Cards

With 55 new cards included, Crossover Volume 3 allows for extensive deck customization. Experiment with different combinations and strategies to create a powerful deck that reflects your playstyle. This level of customization ensures that each game is unique and exciting.

🔑Key Benefits

  1. Battleworld Adventures: Discover the marvels of the Marvel Battleworld, dominating new territories with strategic gameplay.
  2. Varied Gameplay: Choose between challenging Boss Battles and engaging Story Modes for diverse and thrilling gaming sessions.
  3. Marvel Universe Immersion: Select from a roster of iconic characters, each offering distinct abilities and adding depth to your game.
  4. Creative Deck Building: Utilize the 55 new cards for endless deck-building possibilities, keeping your strategies fresh and innovative.
  5. Unique Gaming Experiences: Enjoy a game that’s different every time, keeping you engaged and eager for more.


Dominate the Battleworld with Strategy and Skill

VS System 2PCG: Crossover Volume 3 Expansion is a must-have for fans of Marvel and strategic card games. Whether you’re a veteran player or new to the VS System universe, this expansion offers exciting gameplay, iconic characters, and endless customization. Join the battle, shape your deck, and emerge victorious in the Battleworld!


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