The Walking Dead: All Out War – Teamwork and Event Cards


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Spice up your post-apocalyptic battles with The Walking Dead: All Out War – Teamwork and Event Cards! This thrilling expansion pack introduces faction-specific events and exciting gameplay options that will leave you on the edge of your seat. With 34 Team Cards and 7 Event Cards, you’ll experience new strategic combinations and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of The Walking Dead. Join the fight for survival, gather your survivors, and unleash the power of teamwork against the relentless walkers. Prepare for an epic gaming experience like no other!



Elevate Your Game in The Walking Dead: All Out War with Teamwork and Event Cards!

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead: All Out War? If so, here’s something to take your gameplay to an electrifying new level. Introducing the Teamwork and Event Cards expansion pack! This pack not only promises but also delivers in revitalising your tabletop battles in a world overrun by walkers.

Why Is This a Must-Have?

Firstly, this add-on comes packed with 34 Team Cards and 7 Event Cards. These cards provide faction-specific events that add spice to your strategic planning. So, what’s the result? You get to explore intricate strategies, really putting your tactical skills to the test as you battle for survival.

What’s In It for You?

  • Immerse Yourself: This expansion deepens the game’s storyline. Whether you’re hooked on the comics or glued to the TV series, this pack truly immerses you in the apocalypse.
  • Endless Fun: The Teamwork and Event Cards bring about countless variations. Every game feels like a new challenge. Adapt, overcome, and relish the uniqueness each game brings.

What Makes It Special?

Furthermore, the cards open up various combos of survivors, giving you the freedom to tailor your team. Even more, you’ll find yourself adapting to new challenges, keeping the excitement at its peak, every time.

What Are You Waiting For?

To sum up, The Walking Dead: All Out War – Teamwork and Event Cards offers:

  1. Strategic Depth: Boost your team’s actions, throw curveballs with faction-specific events, and navigate through walker territories with smart moves.
  2. Full Immersion: Step into the gripping reality of The Walking Dead universe. The details make you feel like you’re part of the story.
  3. Fresh Challenges: Each game is a new battlefield. Adapt and strategise for varying challenges in your quest for survival.
  4. High Replay Value: With these cards, no two games are alike. The excitement stays alive, game after game.
  5. Edge-of-Seat Moments: Trust us, with these cards in play, the tension will have you at the edge of your seat!

So why hold back? Enhance your battle for survival in The Walking Dead: All Out War. Make the smart choice. Get your Teamwork and Event Cards today and prepare for intense, strategic, and highly enjoyable gaming.


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