couples board game

Looking to really connect and have fun with your partner? Break out a board game for an amazing date night in!

A fun board game is a great way to spend quality time together and mix up the usual dinner-and-a-movie date routine. Board games encourage conversation, collaboration, healthy competition, and lots of laughs – perfect ingredients for a memorable date night!

From classic games you know and love to imaginative new titles, there are board games to suit every couple and mood.


Best Classic Board Games for Two

You can’t go wrong with time-tested classic board games, many of which play perfectly for just two players. A game of chess is an engaging battle of wits and strategy. Checkers is a straightforward game that’s easy to learn but has enough depth to absorb you for hours.

Backgammon combines luck and skill with a fun, social vibe. In Scrabble, show off your vocabulary and spelling skills while learning new words from your partner. And in Battleship, tactically target your partner’s hidden fleet to sink their battleships! The classics have stood the test of time for good reason.


Cooperative Board Games for Couples

Cooperative board games, where you work together toward a common goal rather than compete, are a refreshing change of pace that encourage teamwork and communication between couples. In the tense thriller Pandemic, work together to contain viral outbreaks threatening the planet. Forbidden Island has you cooperatively seeking sacred treasures before the island sinks into the sea.

Become ace detectives together in Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective as you solve mysteries through deductive reasoning. The Game of Life lets you navigate major life events as a team.

And escape room games like Unlock! have couples combining their mental strengths to decode puzzles and break out of fictional scenarios.

Cooperating against the game rather than each other brings out each partner’s best.




Romantic and Intimate Board Games

Some board games are designed to set the mood for romance with themes and mechanics that encourage intimate conversation. Candlelight is shaped like a burning flame and asks couples thought-provoking questions to spark meaningful discussion. Rivals for Catan is a competitive twist on Settlers of Catan that replaces development with romantic growth.

The elegant tile-laying game Patchwork has you crafting a beautiful quilt that serves as a metaphor for relationships. Jaipur is set in an exotic marketplace and infused with warm, vibrant art. And in 7 Wonders Duel, you’ll develop your civilizations side by side, intertwining your fates. These intimate games provide the perfect backdrop for romance to blossom.


Fun and Fast Board Games

When your date night is all about keeping things light and having fun moments together, you can’t go wrong with fast-playing board games that give your brains a workout. In Bananagrams, race against your partner to build crossword grids from randomized letter tiles. Quirkle is a delightful abstract game where you match colored shapes together on a shared board.

Spot It! sharpens your observational skills as you race to identify matching symbols between card sets. Hanabi cooperatively builds stunning fireworks displays through careful clues and card management. And Sushi Go! is a delectable card game where you draft the best sushi combinations. These quick-playing games maximize laughs and friendly competition.


Strategic and Competitive Board Games

Feed your competitive spirit and flex your mental strategy muscles with head-to-head board games. Hive is an intense abstract game often described as “chess without a board.” Santorini has you maneuver mythological Greek figures to construct buildings on a beautiful 3D island.

Onitama pits you against your partner in a fast-paced martial arts skirmish with shifting movement cards. Outwit the elusive thief Mr. Jack by deducing their secret identity and movements. And in the patchwork quilt-building game Patchwork, race against your partner to thrift the best fabric pieces while optimizing fit and pattern. These strategy-focused board games make for dynamic date nights.



Make date night something to look forward to by breaking out a great board game for two players. Laugh, connect, and make memories over the strategic competition of the classics. Strengthen cooperation and intimacy through imaginative new games. Or kindle romance over intimate games designed for discerning couples.

Board games are the perfect activity for quality one-on-one time – so roll the dice on game night with your special someone! With a myriad of options, you’re sure to discover new favorites to integrate into your regular date routine.

20th November 2023