Game Of Thrones Top 5 Got Board Games 2018 2

The man who fears losing has already lost – Arya Stark

Do you know your Andals from your Rhoynars? Do you know who killed Joffrey? If so, this compilation is for you! We’re taking a look at the top 5 GoT board games for fans (and newbies) to experience GoT in a new, interactive way. So take a look, gather your friends (and dragon slayers) and exchange Wi-Fi for Sci-fi in these popular, tactical TV tributes.

Be aware, these games are aimed at more adult players due to themes and difficulty.

1. Game of Thrones – The Board Game 2nd Edition

Game of thrones the board game

Top of the list is this interesting and strategic take on the popular TV series. Best enjoyed with a group of friends, the more the better! Requires logical thinking and a lot of patience as it comes with an impressive sized rule book which you’ll need to reference throughout (especially for the first few games) but well worth the effort and energy invested. You’ll need to join forces with other players if you want to win and expect the game to take some time. A little pricey but thoroughly entertaining and after all, you can’t put a price on quality time shared with your nearest and dearest!

2. Monopoly – Game of Thrones Version

Monopoly Game of thrones

A collector’s MUST HAVE! If you love monopoly and you love GoT, then this is an essential addition to your collection. A fun and refreshing twist on the classic board game, offering hours of addictive play including great customisation of the board and pieces. Unsurprisingly, the jail and car parking spaces remain as is which some fans find a little off-putting but game play is uncomplicated and the game is very reasonably priced.

3. Risk – Game of Thrones Edition

Risk Game of thrones

Ideal gift for both fans and novices, this well designed game is colourful, interesting and has a very similar playing style to the original. You don’t need to be a GoT fanatic to enjoy this version of the game. Make sure you have enough time though because the initial set-up can take a little time and the game play itself can go on for a while and considering the minimal changes, it can be a little costly.

4. Cluedo – Game of Thrones Edition

Cluedo Game of thrones

Great addition to an already popular and established board game. Classic Cluedo with a fantasy twist, if you like the original, then you’ll love this version! Takes a few goes to get the hang of and could do with having more squares on the board but with its surprising double-sided playing board feature coupled with its decent playing time and cool custom pieces, this game will provide hours of fun (even if it’s just trying to pronounce the names!). Respectable game, respectable price!

5. Game of Thrones – The Trivia Game 1st Edition

Game of thrones Trivia

Our highest rated game of the list and definitely aimed at the GoT geeks out there. This game will keep you on your toes with twists and tactical play involved. The game offers different play options and multiple choice questions and played in such a way that even losing is fun! A high quality game, which is good considering the price and would definitely make a great gift for any avid fan. Question and picture rounds included and even a DVD if you need to be reminded of some scenes but if you know your GoT series 1-4, this game is for you!

So, that’s the round-up of our top 5 Game of Thrones games, great games, great play and great opportunities to gather your friends and experience some classic, imaginative versions of your favourite show.

Did we miss something? Let us know your favourite GoT themed game in comment section below.

5th February 2018