8 Bit Attack Board Game


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Only 1 left in stock


Get ready for a pixelated blast from the past with 8 Bit Attack! Inspired by beloved side-scrolling console games, this cooperative board game pits you and your friends against a horde of minibosses from different universes. Fight fearsome foes like shoggoths, cacodemons, gnomes, and cosmic clouds, as you wield potions, magical runes, lasers, and super-powers. With a diverse range of heroes, each with unique abilities, you’ll need to strategize and power-up your characters to face the ultimate challenge: Cthulhu himself! Experience exhilarating boss battles, hero progression, and endless replayability as you mix and match heroes and expand your collection with exciting expansion packs!



Embark on an Epic Retro Adventure with 8 Bit Attack: Battle Bosses, Power Up Heroes, and Conquer Cthulhu!

8 Bit Attack Brings Retro Gaming to Life

Do you miss the golden days of side-scrolling console games? Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey back in time? Introducing 8 Bit Attack, the ultimate homage to the retro gaming era! Here, you don’t just play; you dive into an 8-bit universe teeming with bosses, heroes, and—yes—Cthulhu himself!

Step into a Multiverse of Adventure

World Building: Meet the Characters of 8 Bit Attack

Step into a universe where heroes and enemies come from diverse backgrounds like Myth, Demons, Cultists, and Aliens. Whether it’s shoggoths or cosmic clouds, you’re not just playing a game; you’re embracing a wide array of challenges that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Equip, Advance, and Strategize

Gameplay Mechanics: The 8 Bit Attack Experience

As you go deeper into the game, you’ll power up your heroes, choosing from a diverse range of characters each with their unique abilities. Whether you like being a tank, a spy, a magician, or a healer, there’s a perfect fit for your playstyle.

Strategize to Win

What’s more, you can develop tactics and strategies with your friends, working as a team to unleash combos that obliterate minibosses and prepare you for the ultimate face-off with Cthulhu.

Immerse Yourself in Retro Glory

Game Design and Art

Immerse yourself in pixelated artwork and vibrant characters that transport you back to the retro gaming era. And don’t forget, the game offers endless replayability, making each session a unique, thrilling experience.

What’s Next? Expansion Packs!

Be on the lookout for expansion packs that introduce more heroes, minions, and enemy bosses into the mix, expanding the possibilities and doubling the fun.

🔑 Key Benefits:

  1. Retro Gaming Nostalgia: Relive the iconic moments of classic gaming.
  2. Cooperative Mayhem: Join forces to take down minibosses and the mighty Cthulhu.
  3. Tactical Boss Fights: Engage in battles that require real strategy.
  4. Hero Variety and Advancement: Level up and unlock new abilities.
  5. Endless Replayability: A fresh, thrilling experience every single time.

Ready for the Ultimate Retro Challenge?

Rediscover the joy of cooperative gaming, tactical battles, and hero progression. Call up your friends, power up your heroes, and prepare for an epic adventure. Are you up for the challenge of defeating Cthulhu and saving the day? It’s time to find out!


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