2019 2020 Match Attax 101 UEFA Champions Soccer Trading Cards


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Only 1 left in stock


Get ready for a trading card adventure like no other with the 2019 2020 Match Attax 101 UEFA Champions Soccer Trading Cards! Packed with 192 captivating cards, this collection is a must-have for all trading card enthusiasts. From regular cards to mirror foil cards and limited edition holofoil cards, every pack is bursting with excitement. Unleash your competitive spirit, trade with friends, and collect your favorite players. Discover the thrill of Match Attax 101 Season 2019/2020 and embark on an epic trading card journey today!

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Unleash the Excitement with Match Attax 101

Introduction to Match Attax 101

Are you ready to dive into the thrilling world of tabletop trading cards? Look no further than the 2019 2020 Match Attax 101 UEFA Champions Soccer Trading Cards! Brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping experience that will elevate your trading card collection to unprecedented heights.

What’s Inside the Booster Pack?

Inside this remarkable booster pack lies a treasure trove of 192 action-packed cards waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a veteran collector or just beginning your trading card adventure, Match Attax 101 stands out as the quintessential addition to your collection. Each card, from the regular ones adorned with spot gloss and non-UV ink to the dazzling mirror foil cards featuring silver cold foil designs, is a visual spectacle.

The Joy of Collecting

Prepare to experience the thrill of collecting and trading with friends. Each pack contains seven cards, turning every opening into a moment filled with excitement and anticipation. Will you uncover your favorite player, or perhaps a rare limited edition holofoil card? The possibilities are boundless, ensuring the joy of discovery is always within reach.

Dive into a World of Soccer Stars

With 2019 2020 Match Attax 101 UEFA Champions Soccer Trading Cards, immerse yourself in a universe filled with soccer luminaries and iconic moments. This collection showcases the top 101 subjects, featuring stars from both the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. Feel the exhilaration as you explore the countdown rank from 101 to 63 and celebrate the 11 Collectors Team of the Season, as chosen on topps.com. Moreover, the excitement continues with special mentions for Young Players of the Season and Women’s Player of the Season, all voted by passionate collectors like yourself.

Fresh Twists and Collector Gems

But that’s not all! Match Attax 101 also brings to the table 20 WUCL Players of the Season, injecting an exciting new dynamic into your collection. The holofoil sticker-cards, with their rainbow foil and cold foil blocking, are truly a sight to behold. Additionally, keep an eye out for the 2 Golden Moments Cards, coveted treasures for any collector.

🔑Key Benefits

Embark on this competitive journey, trade with friends, and delve into the enthralling world of Match Attax 101. From vivid match day action images to exclusive Topps Index Ranks, these cards are a soccer enthusiast’s dream. With 192 cards to collect, each pack moves you closer to completing your ultimate trading card collection.

  1. Experience the thrill with 192 action-packed trading cards.
  2. Discover a world filled with soccer stars and unforgettable moments.
  3. Collect the elite top 101 subjects and countdown rank players.
  4. Revel in the Collectors Team of the Season and Young Players of the Season.
  5. Engage in trading, compete, and embark on an epic trading card journey.

Don’t let this excitement pass you by! Join the 2019 2020 Match Attax 101 UEFA adventure and let the games begin!


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