50 Clues – Part 1: The Pendulm of the Dead


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Get ready for a pulse-pounding adventure with 50 Clues: The Pendulum of the Dead! Unravel dark secrets, solve puzzles, and decipher codes in this immersive escape room board game for adults. Join Maria on her journey to rescue her son from a haunting psychiatric ward. With digital support, captivating storytelling, and awards under its belt, this game is perfect for escape room enthusiasts and adults seeking thrilling experiences. Embrace the mystery, test your detective skills, and escape the horror before time runs out!



Unravel Dark Mysteries and Escape the Horror – Immerse Yourself in 50 Clues: The Pendulum of the Dead!

Dive into a world of dark secrets and thrilling mysteries with 50 Clues: The Pendulum of the Dead! This immersive escape room board game for adults will keep you on the edge of your seat as you embark on a quest to rescue Maria’s son before time runs out. Unleash your inner detective and solve intricate puzzles, combine objects, and decipher codes to progress through the chilling narrative.

πŸ”‘ Key Benefits:
1. Thrilling Escape Room Experience at Home: Experience the excitement of escape rooms from the comfort of your living room. Gather your friends or enjoy it solo for a heart-pounding adventure.

2. Immersive Storytelling: Get engrossed in the dark and mysterious tale of Maria’s plight as she navigates a haunting psychiatric ward to save her son. Engage in captivating storytelling like never before!

3. Digital Support for a Seamless Journey: With digital support through your smartphone or tablet, keep track of your progress, get multistep hints if needed, and enhance your gaming experience.

4. Award-Winning Fun: Embrace the thrill of an award-winning board game with accolades such as the 2021 UK Games Expo Best Party Game Nominee and People’s Choice Winner.

5. Perfect for Adults and Escape Room Enthusiasts: Designed for players aged 16 and above, this game offers a complexity rating that suits both newcomers and seasoned escape room fans.


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