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Upgrade your Pokémon card storage with the official Squirtle 9-Pocket Portfolio! This high-quality portfolio holds up to 90 single-loaded or 180 double-loaded collectible cards. Featuring 10 archival-safe polypropylene pages, each with pockets perfectly sized for standard trading cards in Deck Protector sleeves, this portfolio keeps your valuable Pokémon cards safe and secure. Made in California, U.S.A., this licensed portfolio is a must-have for Pokémon trainers and collectors!



Unleash Your Pokémon Passion with the Squirtle 9-Pocket Portfolio!

Every Pokémon enthusiast understands the thrill of collecting, battling, and showcasing their prized cards. Yet, these cards are more than just game pieces. They represent moments, strategies, and memories. Recognizing this deep connection, the Squirtle 9-Pocket Portfolio steps in, offering both style and security.

Why Choose Squirtle for Your Collection?

  • Fortified Defense with Squirtle: Renowned for its sturdy shell and defense moves in the Pokémon realm, Squirtle mirrors this protection in the real world. This portfolio shields your cherished cards against damage, ensuring they remain pristine.
  • Quick Access and Organization: Instead of sifting through a stack, the structured layout of the portfolio facilitates swift card retrieval. This efficiency means you’re always ready for the next challenge.
  • Stellar Craftsmanship: Commitment is a two-way street. As you commit to Pokémon, this portfolio, produced meticulously in the USA, commits to preserving your collection in top-notch condition.

Elevate Your Collection’s Value and Charm

Beyond mere collecting, Pokémon cards symbolize a journey. Each card signifies a story, a feat, or a tactic. With such profound attachment, safeguarding them becomes essential. And what better guardian than the ever-alert Squirtle? This portfolio is not just about safekeeping; it’s a statement of your love for the game.

Celebrate Every Pokémon Moment!

Whether it’s a nail-biting trade, an intense face-off, or a moment of reminiscing, the Squirtle 9-Pocket Portfolio is your trusty companion. It transcends being a mere accessory; it embodies the Pokémon spirit.

So, ready to level up your Pokémon experience? Organize, protect, and flaunt your collection with flair, backed by the robust charm of Squirtle! Don’t just collect; celebrate every Pokémon moment in style with the Squirtle 9-Pocket Portfolio!


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