A Song of Ice and Fire: R’hllor Lightbringers Expansion Set


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Experience thrilling battles with R’hllor Lightbringers! Strategize and conquer with flaming arrows in this action-packed tabletop game.

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Turn up the Heat with the R’hllor Lightbringers Expansion: A Must-Have Strategy Game!

🔥 Introduction to A Fiery Experience

Firstly, grab your chance for a game-changing experience with the A Song of Ice and Fire Tabletop Miniatures Game – R’hllor Lightbringers Expansion Set. Tailored for teens and adults, this set is sure to elevate your House Baratheon strategy game to epic proportions.

🔔 Note 1: Get ready for a game-changer! This expansion brings an exciting layer to the already riveting A Song of Ice and Fire game.

🎯 Command the Fire-Infused Archers

Next, step into the shoes of a House Baratheon commander. You’ll lead your R’hllor Lightbringers, equipped with flaming arrows and heavy armour. Make your foes tremble as you deliver a fiery onslaught.

🔔 Note 2: Firepower matters. Your flaming arrows aren’t just for show; they’re your ultimate weapon.

⚔️ Versatility Meets Power

Additionally, these aren’t your typical archers. The R’hllor Lightbringers excel in both ranged and close-combat scenarios. This unique blend empowers you to adapt and catch your opponents off guard.

🔔 Note 3: Versatility is key. R’hllor Lightbringers allow you to be ready for any combat scenario.

🎨 Experience Unmatched Visuals

Furthermore, you’ll marvel at the pre-assembled, intricately detailed miniatures. Embodying House Baratheon’s colours, they add a layer of visual splendour to your strategy battles.

🔔 Note 4: High detail matters. The miniatures bring your battles to life.

🏁 Ready, Set, Battle!

Moreover, you can dive straight into the action. Each unit box comprises the unit, a movement tray, and a stats card. This ensures swift deployment and less downtime.

🔔 Note 5: Quick setup means more playtime. No fussing around, get right to the action.

Epic in Minutes, Not Hours

Finally, enjoy gripping game sessions that last between 45-60 minutes. This makes it an excellent choice for those who love strategy but don’t want the game to drag on.

🔔 Note 6: Time-efficient fun. Enjoy a rich experience without losing an entire day.

Seize Your Fiery Victory Today!

So, are you prepared for an unforgettable adventure in the realm of Westeros? With the R’hllor Lightbringers, you don’t just play; you ignite the battlefield. Claim your expansion set now and command the power of House Baratheon and R’hllor like never before!


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