Arkham Horror The Card Game: Deluxe Expansion – The Forgotten Age


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Delve into eldritch secrets with Arkham Horror: The Forgotten Age expansion! Unveil new scenarios, investigators, and challenges in this thrilling game.



Embark on an Eldritch Expedition

Discover the Lush Jungles’ Dark Secrets

Dive into Arkham Horror: The Forgotten Age expansion for thrilling adventures. Maxine Juniper Newman and Matthew J. Newman crafted this expansion. It invites players to explore ancient mysteries within a forgotten Aztec city’s ruins. Alejandro Vela, a historian, unknowingly triggers a series of events that blend terror with triumph.

Engage in Heart-Pounding Scenarios

The expansion offers two new scenarios. Each story is packed with suspense, ideal for starting an epic campaign or enjoying as standalone adventures. With five new investigators at your disposal, face 64 player cards and 87 encounter cards designed to challenge your bravery.

Explore with New Twists

The introduction of an exploration deck adds a fresh challenge, testing both your strategy and resolve.

🔑 Key Benefits

  • Ancient Mysteries Await: Unearth secrets that promise to keep you captivated.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: Enjoy 60 to 120 minutes of action-packed adventure, suitable for 1 to 4 players. Every choice is crucial.
  • Flexible Gaming Experience: Whether you’re after an epic campaign or quick adventures, this expansion adapts to your preference.
  • Personalized Roles: Embody one of five unique investigators. Each character offers a distinct narrative and set of abilities.
  • Strategic Challenges: The exploration deck introduces unexpected obstacles, demanding sharp strategic thinking.

Prepare for the Unknown

With Arkham Horror: The Forgotten Age, venture into uncharted territories. Embrace the horror, unravel ancient lore, and confront the darkness. Are you ready for the challenge?


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