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Set off on a wild heist in Bahamas board game! Outwit opponents, grab loot, and hope for a parachute to survive the daring escape!



Join the Wild Heist in the Bahamas Board Game – Secure Your Loot and Parachute!

Embark on an Adventure

Dive into the thrilling world of “Bahamas,” an action-packed board game where deception and cunning lead to victory. In this game, you face a daring robbery with a twist – not everyone has a parachute! Will you manage to grab the loot and land safely, or will you risk it all?

Plan the Perfect Heist

In “Bahamas,” you and your friends form a crew plotting the ultimate heist. Each player becomes a distinct character, wielding special powers to outmaneuver opponents. Your mission? Grab the largest share of the loot and ensure you have a parachute for the getaway.

Thrilling Gameplay Awaits

Once you pick your character and receive your starting cards, including the much-coveted parachutes, the real fun begins. Roll the dice to draw cards, steal from your rivals, or unleash your character’s unique skill. Be strategic – without a parachute in the final round, you’re in for a dangerous drop!

Beware of the Unexpected

But watch out! A hidden “Crash” card in the action deck spells disaster for those unprepared with parachutes or without access to the life-saving lifeboat. Can you outsmart the competition and evade the FBI’s grasp, ensuring a victorious landing?

Why You’ll Love Bahamas

  • Exciting Twists and Turns: “Bahamas” delivers a heart-pounding experience with every game, filled with unexpected developments.
  • A Social Blast: Perfect for game nights, it brings together friends and family for an evening packed with fun, strategy, and a bit of treachery.
  • Accessible Yet Deep: The game’s straightforward rules and engaging gameplay appeal to both hardcore gamers and newcomers.
  • Varied Characters and Strategies: With ten unique characters, each game session presents new strategies and outcomes.
  • Infinite Fun: Thanks to random character allocation and dynamic dice rolls, “Bahamas” promises endless enjoyment and variety.

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