Battle Spirits Saga: Dawn of History Booster Box


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Only 1 left in stock


Embark on an epic card game journey with the Battle Spirits Saga: Dawn of History Booster Box! Discover the excitement of strategic gameplay, core cards, and an incredible 272 card types. Unleash your inner anime hero and immerse yourself in the world of Battle Spirits. Ages 9 and above.

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Unleash the Battle Spirits Saga: Dawn of History Booster Box – A Card Game Adventure Like No Other!

Embark on an Awe-Inspiring Adventure

Prepare for an awe-inspiring adventure with the Battle Spirits Saga: Dawn of History Booster Box! Step into the world of strategic gameplay, where thrilling battles and epic confrontations await. Developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, this card game introduces you to a revolutionary gaming experience that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Unpack the Excitement

Furthermore, with each booster box, you’ll receive 24 packs, each containing 12 cards and 1 core card. These core cards add an exciting twist to the gameplay, allowing you to use Spirit, Nexus, and Magic cards strategically. Embrace the anime-themed universe and assemble an unstoppable deck to dominate your opponents!

Discover the Astonishing Variety

Moreover, one of the most remarkable features of this game is the astonishing variety of 272 card types. Each card possesses unique abilities, strengths, and tactical advantages, making every battle a fresh and exhilarating experience. Whether you’re an experienced card game player or a newcomer to the world of collectible card games, Battle Spirits Saga welcomes all players aged 9 and above to engage in this captivating journey.

🔑 Key Benefits

Endless Adventure

Firstly, immerse yourself in a world of anime-inspired battles, with new strategies to explore and conquer.

Strategic Gameplay

Secondly, utilize core cards strategically to enhance your moves and outwit your opponents.

Vast Card Collection

Additionally, with a whopping 272 card types, the fun and surprises never end.

Suitable for All Ages

Furthermore, whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, the game is designed for players aged 9 and above.

Create Your Unstoppable Deck

Lastly, assemble a deck that matches your playstyle, unleashing your inner anime hero on the battlefield.

Join the Adventure

Get ready to dive into the realm of Battle Spirits Saga: Dawn of History Booster Box and embrace the excitement of an incredible card game adventure. Unleash your strategic prowess, outsmart your rivals, and rise as a legendary champion in the world of Battle Spirits! Are you ready to take the challenge? Get your booster box now and become a part of the action!


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