BattleTech: Inner Sphere Striker Lance


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Command the Inner Sphere Striker Lance with 4 unpainted miniatures. Engage in thrilling mecha warfare on BattleTech battlefields!



Get Ready to Conquer: Your Ultimate Team Awaits in the BattleTech Universe!

Hey there, aspiring commanders! Ever fancied leading your very own team of BattleMechs into war? Well, guess what? Your dream team is here and battle-ready.

Now, imagine this. You’re not just pushing pawns or cards around. No, you’re at the helm of an elite fighting unit in the heart-stirring BattleTech Universe. Each mech, from Blackjack to Panther to Wolfhound and Jenner, has its own unique abilities and firepower. Intrigued? You should be!

Let’s drill down on why this is the pack you’ve been waiting for:

  1. Immersive Warfare: First off, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill board game. You’re thrust into the heart of epic mecha warfare. Each decision you make, every strategy you employ, directly impacts the battle outcome.
  2. Ready-to-Paint: Secondly, are you a bit of an artist? Great, because these mechs are a blank canvas. They’re primed and ready for you to get creative. Your paint, your way!
  3. Rule Your Way: New to the game or a seasoned veteran? No worries. The pack comes with pilot and Alpha Strike cards, so you choose how complicated or simple your game rules are. Perfect for everyone!
  4. Lore Galore: Fourthly, are you a BattleTech lore buff? You’re in for a treat. This pack dovetails beautifully with your existing Technical Readouts, Succession Wars, and Clan Invasion sources.
  5. The Perfect Gift: Lastly, if you’ve got a friend or family member who loves mechs, action, or board games, then you’ve just found the perfect gift. Hours of fun and excitement are just a click away.

So, what’s the hold-up? Your Inner Sphere Striker Lance is ready and waiting. Therefore, be the commander you were born to be. Don’t miss your shot at an epic gaming adventure. Click that ‘Buy Now’ button and let the battles begin!

With this BattleTech: Inner Sphere Striker Lance pack, you’re not just buying a game; you’re investing in a thrilling, immersive experience. Moreover, from commanding your own mech squad to diving deep into the rich lore of the BattleTech Universe, the adventures are endless. Secure yours today and lead your team to victory!


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