Black Mirror Nosedive


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In stock

  • A social game
  • Based on the hit Netflix series Black Mirror.
  • Gather your most influential friends and create a “perfect” life by collecting Lifestyle cards.
  • Risk your reputation to impress your important friends!
  • Also utilises a digital app that allows for over 1, 000 in-game prompts.
  • 3 to 6 Players/ Ages 13+/ 45 minutes playing time
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Journey Through a Social Media Dominated World

Are you intrigued by a game ruled by social ratings? Dive into Black Mirror: NOSEDIVE. This board game pulls you into an exciting quest to craft the ideal life.

This game lets you explore a realm shaped by social media. Influenced by the renowned Black Mirror episode, NOSEDIVE tasks you with collecting lifestyle cards and dodging hits to your social rank.

Winning means securing a top star rating by gathering cards related to home, work, and friends. But there’s more – NOSEDIVE has varied game elements like card management, making each game distinct.

A cool feature? NOSEDIVE syncs with a free app, which can boost your in-game standing.

🔑 Key Benefits:

  1. Constant Thrills: With great replay value, NOSEDIVE always feels fresh.
  2. Engaging Play: The app adds layers to gameplay, giving players an edge.
  3. Stunning Design: Board and cards capture the Black Mirror essence.
  4. Think Smart: Allies and social choices give depth to each match.
  5. Life Design: Accumulate cards to shape your character’s dream life in a score-driven world.

The game set includes 108 cards, a board, tokens, and pawns that resonate with Black Mirror vibes.

Remember, your social choices dictate your fate. So, choose wisely, plan, and team up to reach your aims.

Looking to master the art of social scoring and conquer Black Mirror: NOSEDIVE? Check out our in-depth guide on social scoring success to elevate your gameplay and ensure your social score soars to new heights. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a NOSEDIVE expert!


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