Bloodborne: The Board Game: Chalice Dungeon – Expansion


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Bloodborne: Chalice Dungeon Expansion brings nail-biting hunts, powerful upgrades, and thrilling adventures to your tabletop. Unleash the Hunt!

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Dive Into the Darkness with Bloodborne: Chalice Dungeon Expansion!

Attention, Bloodborne Fans! Are you eager for a fresh, heart-stopping journey? Want to test your courage in a new, nerve-wracking setting? Then listen up! The Bloodborne: Chalice Dungeon Expansion is here to ramp up your game experience!

Discover the Dungeon

First off, this isn’t just an addition; it’s a whole new way to play. Prepare to dive into a dungeon filled with unpredictable foes. Your main aim? Find the Boss Room and face an unspeakable horror.

Random Encounters

Moreover, get ready to tackle a variety of enemies. Some are familiar from the Core Game, while others are entirely new. Each encounter will push your skills to the limit.

Gear Up

On top of that, the expansion includes 16 miniatures, 12 map tiles, and 4 weapon dashboards. Note: All these elements serve to make your quest even more immersive and challenging.

Quick and Thrilling Games

Furthermore, if you’re after a speedy, yet exhilarating game experience, this expansion is your match. With sessions ranging from 45 to 75 minutes, it’s ideal for both quick solos and intense group plays.

Who is it For?

Lastly, whether you’re a seasoned fan of the video game or new to Bloodborne, this expansion is for you. It adds a whole new layer of excitement, whether you play alone or with mates.

💡Key Benefits

  1. Endless Replayability: Enjoy varied gameplay each time, thanks to random enemy placements.
  2. Intense Encounters: Experience gripping gameplay as you unveil secrets and tackle terrifying bosses.
  3. Hunter Upgrades: Strengthen your Hunter with new skills and gear as you progress.
  4. Perfect for All: The quality miniatures and artwork are a treat for gamers and collectors alike.
  5. Solo or Group Fun: Play it your way, as the expansion suits 1 to 4 players.

Ready to step into the dark depths? Equip yourself, face the suspense, and most importantly, enjoy a new layer of excitement. The Bloodborne: Chalice Dungeon Expansion is your next step in the gripping world of Bloodborne.

What are you waiting for? Discover the dungeon now!


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