Bloodborne: The Board Game: Forbidden Woods


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Expand your Bloodborne experience with Forbidden Woods expansion. New tiles, campaigns, and miniatures for endless adventure!

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Step into a World of Darkness with Bloodborne: The Board Game – Forbidden Woods Expansion!

If you’re hungry for a thrilling tabletop adventure, look no further. Get ready to delve into the haunting Forbidden Woods, a place where darkness and danger are your constant companions.

Attention Gamers: Firstly, this expansion pack boasts 12 enthralling tiles, bringing the cursed wilderness to life. Next, gear up for not one, but two compelling campaigns. Additionally, enjoy a challenging side-mission chapter that keeps you on your toes.

🔥 Key Benefits

  1. Wider Worlds: Firstly, venture into the vast Forbidden Woods, giving your game a fresh, immersive environment.
  2. Gripping Narratives: Lose yourself in two immersive campaigns and a riveting side-mission, each packed with strategic depth.
  3. Tiny Titans: Thirdly, engage in combat with 5 different enemy types and square off against 2 mighty bosses.
  4. Play It Again: Benefit from endless replay value, courtesy of modular tiles and diverse adversaries.
  5. Group Fun: Lastly, team up with 1-4 players for cooperative gaming sessions that you won’t forget.

Dive Deeper Moreover, if you’ve been seeking a way to level up your Bloodborne experience, this is it. With intricately designed tiles and dynamic miniatures, every game feels fresh, intense, and absolutely riveting.

Who’s It For? So, whether you’re a board game veteran or just starting out, Forbidden Woods offers a rich experience. You’ll find endless hours of strategic combat and the joy of collective triumph or defeat.

Don’t Wait Therefore, make the choice to tackle the Forbidden Woods today. Craft your approach, enlist your allies, and steel yourself for a memorable journey into the abyss.

Your Destiny Awaits Will you come out on top, or will the lurking horrors claim you? With the Forbidden Woods Expansion, every choice counts and the thrill never ends.

Note: It’s more than just a game; it’s an experience laden with suspense, strategy, and shared excitement.


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