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Welcome to the bustling markets of Byzantium! In Byzanz, the thrilling strategic card game, you become a shrewd merchant seeking to strike the most lucrative deals and emerge as the trading mastermind of the city. Bid, collect sets of goods, and outwit your opponents to accumulate wealth and claim victory!

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Step into the Trading World of Byzanz

Dive into Byzanz, a strategic card game set in the bustling markets of Byzantium. Players become savvy merchants, using their keen sense of trade to outsmart competitors and amass wealth.

Master the Art of the Auction

Dynamic Auction Battles: Byzanz’s heart beats in its auction rounds. Players bid on goods with the dual-purpose cards, aiming to collect the most lucrative sets. Outbid your opponents and secure essential goods to propel your wealth.

Strategic Depth: While easy to learn, Byzanz challenges players with deep strategic decisions. Balancing your hand, timing your sales, and predicting rivals’ moves are keys to victory.

Engage in Fast-Paced Strategic Gameplay

A Game for All: Byzanz welcomes everyone, from casual players to strategy veterans. Its rules are straightforward, yet it offers a rich tactical depth that keeps you coming back.

Thrilling Sessions: Each game lasts around 45 minutes, perfect for an engaging game night or a quick session of fun. The game’s pace keeps all players involved and on their toes.

Discover the Joys of Byzanz

  1. Lively Auction Mechanics: The thrill of the bid and the strategy behind each auction make Byzanz a unique gaming experience.
  2. Accessible Yet Challenging: Suitable for ages 8 and up, Byzanz offers a blend of simplicity and strategic complexity.
  3. Perfect Gaming Duration: With a playtime that hits the sweet spot, Byzanz is ideal for any gathering.
  4. Evergreen Gameplay: Thanks to its varied mechanics, no two games of Byzanz are ever the same.
  5. Take It Anywhere: Its compact size means Byzanz can be your gaming companion on any adventure.

Ready to test your trading skills? Grab Byzanz and turn your strategic bids into profitable victories!


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