Carcassonne: Traders & Builders


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Upgrade your Carcassonne game with Traders & Builders! Build faster, score more points, and unlock juicy profits. New tiles bring goods and traders for strategic advantages. Each player gets a builder Meeple for speedy progress, and adding pigs to farms boosts your earnings. Playable with or without other expansions. Elevate your Carcassonne experience today!



Elevate Your Carcassonne Adventure with Traders & Builders Expansion!

Are you ready to take your Carcassonne gaming experience to the next level? Look no further than the Carcassonne: Traders & Builders Expansion– a game-changing addition that brings excitement and strategy to your tabletop adventures.

Step into the world of Carcassonne: Traders & Builders Expansion! This expansion pack introduces 24 new tiles, each packed with exciting features like Bridges and Cities, adding depth and complexity to your gameplay.

But that’s not all – these new tiles also feature symbols for three valuable goods: Wine, Cloth, and Wheat. When you score a tile with these goods, you collect them, paving the way for bonus points at the end of the game. Imagine the thrill of competing to collect the most of each good, strategizing every move to maximize your score!

One of the most exciting features of this expansion is the introduction of the Builder. Think of it as your secret weapon – a meeples’ supervisor. Place the Builder in a city or road, and it grants you an extra tile placement when extending that feature. Talk about a game-changer! And let’s not forget the Farmers, who can now place a Pig pawn in a field for extra end-of-game points.

But the enhancements don’t stop there. Traders & Builders includes a large cloth bag that not only simplifies tile handling but also ensures that every tile has identical backsides. No more guessing games!

🔑Key Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Gameplay: Experience Carcassonne like never before with new tiles and strategic opportunities.
  2. Collect Valuable Goods: Compete for valuable goods and earn bonus points to dominate the game.
  3. Masterful Builder: Use the Builder to your advantage, gaining extra tile placements and outsmarting your opponents.
  4. Boost Your Score: Farmers can now earn extra points with the addition of Pig pawns – a win-win strategy!
  5. Convenient Tile Handling: The included cloth bag makes setup and handling a breeze, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.


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